Foreigners are fascinated with our politics. Why?

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  1. Lucrum made me wonder about this the other day when he and Gabfly were sparring in the most recent (you-suck-no-you-suck) thread in this forum. He mentioned Gabfly was Canadian, which I gather is true since Gabfly acknowledged and accepted it. His overall argument was essentially, why should you care so deeply about American politics, our President, etc., if you're not even living in America (though his words were a bit more uncivil)? I thought it was a rather good question.

    So I went through to the most vocal critics of America, Republicans, Conservatives, etc., and I checked their IPs and did a rather extensive lookup. Of the 10 most vocal in the P+R forum, only TWO were definitely posting from the USA.

    One was using a proxy, so it is impossible to tell without a lot of homework.
    One was posting from India.
    FIVE were posting from Canada.
    One was posting from the U.K.

    What shocked me is the number of Canadians, some of which are exceptionally vocal about the Teaparty, Conservatives, Republicans, and the US in general.

    I am going to look up those conservatives who are vocally against Obama next. I won't post who is from where (for either side), because that's a private matter. But I'll be general about it like I was above.

    I did find it interesting that so many non-Americans are here supporting the democrats. I admit to not understanding why that is.

    If someone would explain it, I'd certainly be interested in hearing.
  2. Ok, here is the summary for those posting anger against liberals, the President, the current government and the US:

    Of eight...

    One using a proxy, so I cannot be sure without a lot of homework.
    Seven from the US. (Florida, California, Colorado, Michigan...etc.)
  3. I don't know for sure... but essentially ALL of the rest of the world's governments are either very dictatorial/oligarchial or Socialistic. America has not only been the "beacon of freedom and capitalistic light", we're virtually the only large force to be that way.

    So... perhaps "misery loves company"? The rest of the world is jealous and would love to see us plunge into the same Socialist CRAPHOLE as they endure?

    I've read where the World Powers would love to see America go Socialist... so that freedom-minded capitalists from other countries would not have the USA as an option to "move to"...

    If you think about it, America is still the (relative) "bastion of freedom and capitalism". "Relative", as we've been moving Left for >100 years.. though we're not as far Left as the rest of the world... and the rest of the world hates/envies us for it.
  4. People universally like to watch a train wreck.

    America is a train wreck right now...

  5. Colorado? Likely ME.. and damned proud to be anti- Obama, Democrats, Pelosi, Reid, Socialism, Leftists, Progressives and current government.... but I am NOT anti-America! I'm still hoping America will WAKE UP.. and that we might dispatch the oppressors and regain our FREEDOM!!

    Should be more of us.
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    You do not have a representative sample of foreigners, not by a long shot.
  7. Yes, you are the one from Colorado (since you admitted it). I didn't mean you were anti-US. I just referred to posts made that were EITHER against the US, the current administration, the President or the left (or any combination of the four).
  8. If you're talking to me, I admitted to taking only a small sample of the people on this forum who are both right and left leaning. The most vocal.
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    Are you Canadian? Could explain your politics.
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    Not quite what I meant. If you looked at everyone on this forum you would not have a representative sample of foreigners.

    I assume what you mean is, why are the foreigners here on this forum fascinated with US politics, is that right?
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