Foreign women better than western?

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    American women..
    - highest maintenance (I've never heard of a foreign bride demanding her husband buy expensive house & cars)
    - fattest in the world
    - most likely to cheat
    - highest rate of divorce (60% - US-US marriages; 20% - US-foreign marriages)
    - largest payout in divorce court (you'll be ass-raped for everything you earned, plus most of what you will earn for years to come)
    - bitchiest
    - most likely to nag constantly
    - most likely to believe in feminism and "equality"
    - most likely to hate men
    - spend least amount of time with her children
    - worst at cooking and cleaning
    - fucked & chucked by tons of guys before tricking you into marriage


    3 reasons to marry an American woman

    You actually believe BBW = big BEAUTIFUL wife.
    You believe nagging is essential for personal growth.
    You really look forward to the day your BBW wife divorces you and you gladly fork over 50% over your hard earned assets, plus child support and alimony (a lard ass bitch for sure is not going to have a good job). Then after that you have to figure out how to live on 20% of your income.
  2. Well you might want to go a step further and talk about Asian women.

    I lived in Japan for a while and I have to say, if you can find a way to get an introduction to a quality asian female (an educated Asian woman from a good family) you won't find a better partner. The only problem for you hosers is that you have to be a quality person yourself, and that means family background, education, discipline, acheivement, etc.

    As far as the comparison, well there is none. If I had to choose between an air-head blonde with fake tits or an educated, intelligent, beautiful asian woman, which way do you think I am going to go?

    There, that should get a few people upset..

  3. Another Anti-American post.

    ET is sure full of them...

    Must be a jealousy thing.. ha ha...

    Poor foreigners...:p
  4. roberk is not anti-american moron, neither is steve. they just say it as it is. u are as anti-american as it gets. the embodiment of what's wrong with your nation, the cheerleader for rights abuse, the king of self denial, the crony scorn of your land. do a good deed for once and go cook your self in the kitchen oven.
  5. Looks like Bit replied here. You know you are on ignore yet you
    keep stalking me. You need to go see a shrink...:p
  6. Let me add to this because I do not want all foreigners to get the
    wrong idea:

    "Poor Anti-American Foreigners"...:p
  7. Let me add to this:

    "Poor Anti-American's who live anywhere, even in the US"...
  8. I have studied the website and despite living in Australia find incredible similarities. Australian girls are like the ones described on the site! Must be a reason???
    I initially approached the site with a degree of scepticism however I found it to be very relevant and informative.
    My wife is Japanese and I haven't regretted my marriage to her once 10 years 4 kids and going strong! Probably because she is still so pretty!
    No complaints here...

    We get a lot of female tourists here from the USA but most
    are fat and ugly actually. Strange why this should be the case....
  9. I figured out this back in my 20's living up in NYC.

    Never have I seen so many unattractive women fought over by decent guys. These women are very average and want to be princesses, expecting a 'prince'. So when reality sets in in their late 30's, having been 'frucked and chucked' by males, they become 'tickers' and latch on to whatever stupid male is dumb enough to buy into this. They get pregnant, find out that that isn't what they wanted, resent the guy for only being average, and ultimately get divorced and become bitter single moms, or stay in the marriage and make the guys life hell.

    So, I arbed my life and relationships and said "no" to that and started dating women who were less 'american'. Mostly asians at the time, who uniformly were way hotter than their contemporaries. Nice girls too, but not without their quirks; after all, it is a foreign culture.

    Ultimately, I married a super hottie first generation south american, and have been ecstatically happy for the last decade. Beautiful kids, the whole nut.

    FWIW, I think the sweet spot is the first generation american born to parents of foreign origin. They haven't completely been corrupted, but have enough orientation to function well in american society. That's my take after reasonably extensive personal experience, anyway.

    You can do what you are expected to do, or you can be happy. Your choice!
  10. as a westerner living in eastern europe, i believe that roberk's post is generally true. the mental differences are overwhelming, and almost always in favor of the eastern women. exactly the same applies for the physical beauty.

    version77, your behavior just proves the point. however your high content no bs posts are always a pleasure to read. for a specific subset of readers.
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