foreign stocks (non-ADR) need help !

Discussion in 'Trading' started by vladn, Mar 3, 2006.

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    Hi All,

    I want to get into few specific foreign stocks (mostly from Tokyo Stock Exchange but few european as well) that have no US ADRs. After some research I found only these two possibilities:
    - buy "grey sheets" (other-OTC) for these
    - pay Schwab $100 + 1.5% per transaction (rip-off IMHO even for long term)

    Is there any other option ?
    What is the structural risk in owning "grey sheets" of large cap foreign stock ?

    There is suprisingly little info on "grey sheet" trading (how it is done, what do I own in the end, laws governing "grey sheet" trades, etc.).

    Any help will be gretly appreciated !
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    If you want to diversify and trade Asia, there is another option: BOOM at, a Hong Kong based online broker from which on can invest in several Asian market, including Japan. You take a currency risk as you will invest in the domestic money of the courntry you invest in, but you will enjoy the diversification and possibilities to invest in a vast range of countries. I use Boom for many years at I am satisfied of their services. I have no direct or indirect connection with them and no intesive to recommend them, but it was also a recommendation of Asia Business & Investment newsletter.
    For Europe you can also invest online through Boursorama at www.
    By investing abroad you get a pretty nice diversification of your portfolio but do your own research
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    thanks, I'll check Boom, it may be just what I need

    IB does not offer individual Tokyo Stock Exchange stocks, only european ones