Foreign nationals and IRS

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  1. I am just wondering, if say the IRS deems a foreign national, a non-resident alien liable for taxes and the person refuses to pay, What can the IRS do?

    I would guess that they would try to seize any assets you might have in the USA. However, for argument's sake, let say said person has no assets in USA at all. Will the IRS try to extradite you to the USA?

    Has there been a precedent for this?
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    There is nothing they can do. If they want you to pay up, they gotta find you first.
  3. Edit:

    I deleted my orignal response because I assumed in error that you meant the person was living in the USA.

    However, after a reading you message a second time...

    I realize you're talking about someone living in another country as a foreign national while either a citizen or legal resident of the USA.

    With that said, if your paying taxes in the country your residing in...

    Most likely you will not have to pay taxes in the U.S. nor will they extradite you back to the U.S. if you do owe taxes to the U.S.

    By the way, I myself am a citizen of two countries while legally residing in a different country...

    I only pay taxes in the country I reside in...a country that has tax treaties with the two countries I'm a citizen in.

    Regardless, it can get to see a tax accountant that understands the tax treaties law.

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    If you are a cititzen of lets say Italy, you dont pay taxes in USA. your broker will withhold % taxes on Dividends, but on capital gains on futures, forex etc. NO TAXES IN USA

    if you have a US passport you can liver wherever you want, you are fucked up :)))
  6. Yeah...just a little elaboration on my earlier comment.

    Actually, they can bring you back to the US on big cases as in the millions of dollars owed in taxes.

    There's a few well known cases of such involving celebrities. (athletes, hollywood stars, drug lords et cetera).

    Yet, for the common joe that may owe several thousand or less...

    No only because its a waste of their time and it's very difficult to enforce the person to be honest about the income level while abroad.