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  1. Coming right up... a question from donaldduck on another thread:
  3. Donaldduck,

    I like EuroSTOXX 50 most of all, then Eurobund. Lots of liquidity in both. If you're an individual trader with a reasonable account you should find no practical size constraints. And the moves are comparable to those in the U.S. index futures, perhaps greater by some measures. You can see for yourself with at least a couple of the charting vendors. eSignal would be one, and I understand DTN has a similar solution.

  4. thanks for the response and starting the thread, what about points? what does one point equel in dollars, with the contracts you are talking about?
  5. These contracts trade in euros, with euros now costing a little more than a buck a piece.

    EuroSTOXX 50:
    1 point per tick, 10 euros per point, thus 10 euros per tick

    1/100 point per tick, 1000 euros per point, thus 10 euros per tick

    CAC 40:
    1/2 point per tick, 10 euros per point, thus 5 euros per tick

    And so forth. Check for more info.
  6. How are Asian and Australien Index Futures today... When I checked them about a year ago they were not liquid enough.
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    There is plenty of liquidity. Don't expect volumes like the e-mini but you can always get in/out of a trade.