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    I'm having trouble finding a source of realtime overseas futures data (i.e. charting/analytics) in the lower end (QCharts, esignal, nextrend) of the spectrum... Can anyone get me pointed in the right direction? has their PROnet products, but I'm not willing to pay their price to get basic charts + T&S.

    Also would appreciate any general links to sites that provide perspective or info relevant to a North American trader curious about trading the overseas markets such as the Hang Seng, FTSE, DAX, etc.
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    eSignal does offer eurex data, so you can get realtime dax and other futures.
  3. I trade the Share Price Index in Australia and can help you out with info, links, etc if you are interested in our little market. But be forewarned, it is known as "the devil's market" for its sometimes unruly behaviour.
  4. I traded futures full time a few years ago. In those days CQG was "known" to have the most reliable and accurate data feeds. I personally used eSignal and was very happy. I'm still using eSignal, but am now focused on stocks.

    I never found FutureSource a good choice. At least in 98/99 they didn't provide streaming quotes, only snapshots. I'd recommend that you subscribe to futures magazine ( and get their "resource catalog", which lists virtually all data providers.

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    Does anybody know where to get historical intraday data for the HangSeng Index (futures or cash index both OK)?

    Thanks in advance.
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    This UK based firm is now linked to Realtick and supplies live data and charts etc for global markets:

    It offers a weeks free trial.

    And has an active trading chat room (Free), plus forums for TA systems and indicators plus general chat.

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