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  1. I would like to increase my exposure to foreign markets as well. I am thinking of selling 30% of my Wellesley and putting it in VGTSX or OAKIX. I was interested in putting it in the new global Wellington, but don’t think I can purchase shares through USAA.

    Does anyone have feedback on VGTSX? I already have a small position in VWIGX, but would prefer to put any more funds in something more conservative. I have a large amount of US multi-nationals, so have exposure to foreign markets that way.
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    I'm a big fan of passive investing, so my point of view is that you can't go wrong with VGTSX. But both OAKIX and VWIGX are amazing active funds. OAKIX is kind of pricey (expense ratio is close to 1%). VWIGX is close to 0.5%.
    You can compare the funds here, just type VGTSX vs. OAKIX and you'll get some performance compares...
  3. I just thought of something funny: foreign depends on what country you live in. So you could be looking for a "foreign" fund, and it would be someone else's "domestic" fund. Just a quirky detail. Not quite Einstein's relativity theory, but funny away.