Foreign Exchange Prop Trading Firms

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  1. Only The Proffesional FX Traders Make Money In This Fascinating Market.

    Global FX has:

    1. A proffesional state of the art trading facility in NYC where you can come and trade

    2. A team of experienced traders that train and critique all your trades at the end of the day

    3. Three Screen set up : Trading Platform, Charts & Bloomberg Live News and Research

    4.Traders are provided with specific trading strategies and methodologies that make money

    5.Market Research from Top Banks and Institutions

    6.Matched Funding - for more experienced traders

    Other FOREX Firms:

    Just give you the ability to open an account and trade from home

    without any guidence.

    Feel free to contact us if you need any Foreign Echange Trading related Advice, if you are starting out or if you are just curious about it.