Foreign buyers eye U.S. homes

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  1. Many take advantage of dollar's weakness, but are they getting skittish too?

    Some second-home buyers coming to the United States to scoop up property in the shadow of Walt Disney World are finding that it is, indeed, a small world after all -- especially when it comes to getting a bargain.
    The current weakness of the dollar has led some foreign buyers to projects like Lake Buena Vista Resort Village & Spa, a condo hotel development in Orlando, Fla.

    About 64% of buyers at the resort are residents of countries other than the United States, said Larry Cohen, senior vice president of the development. When they vacation there, they also stretch their money on purchases from discount clothing to golf clubs, he said.
    "These people buy so much while they're here, they have to ship it back," he said.
    U.S. real estate has always been a popular option for buyers around the globe, said Tu Packard, senior economist for Moody's The appeal lies in the general stability of the country compared with others throughout the world.{9D58CC62-40F0-4809-96E1-400A27CAA99F}

    Ship it back ? So true...:p :p :p
  2. LOL compared to what countries "throughout the world"? Columbia? Cambodia?
  3. Well I've never considered buying US property before until recently.I'm a provincial person so am unlikely to be at the forefront also.
  4. Brilliant. You people amaze me. Why do you invest in the financial markets of such a backwards, unstable country as the U.S.?
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    what makes you think we are investing. most likely we are just trading.:D