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  1. I was wondering what everyone thought about forecasters? What is the difference between forecast and predictions. Is the best method not to trade the signals and then watch there calls. Does anyone know of any out there?
  2. Let me say some words about forecasting.

    2 main methods - predict future values and moment for buy/sell.
    As an author of few projects I can say that first way is not good, more better try predict moments for buy/sell.
    I've made last project based on second way - estimate it, please.

  3. Why did you switch to free? Can you post the historical performance of the index signals with your method? I was thinking about the YM.

    Michael B.

  4. Hi,

    i think it's one way show how systems works - unlock signals for some stocks. Also I think that opening position before market close is more better than market open.

    i'm developing other core (based on my new idea) and will unlock signals for nasdaq100 & may be for sp500 (for all tickers within both indices) based on this system. traders who will like signals will buy indicators for nasdaq100 & sp500 for open position before market close.

  5. sorry forget noticed about signals given by my core. simple click on any ticker or index and you will have signal history from 1Jan2004. I'll try clear it near future.

  6. When you "clear it"...could you try to put a text summary listing

    Total Drawdown from consecutive losses
    Win rate
    Avg win to Avg loss ratio
    Profit to Loss ratio

    Michael B.

    P.S. The Dow looks robust enough to trade Dow Futures (YM) I am searching for a YM system that would allow overnight holds for 2-18 days. I work during the day and I need to trade in the evenings. YM is 24 hr and I won't need to tie up so much money on $5.00 a point.

    Michael B.

  7. Course I'll add this values. Also I like add profit for last 3,6 month. Equis charts and order report history. I'll also compare "market close" and "market open" results (I guess market close will be better).

  8. Translated into English From french dictionary
    Prediction: intuitive evaluation of demand taking into account trend and change factors influencing the market

    Note: Prediction is opposed to "forecast" which is based on an objective projection of the past into the future.

    In french

    Définition : Prédiction
    Évaluation intuitive de la demande, compte tenu des tendances et des changements susceptibles d'influencer le marché.

    Note(s) :
    La prédiction s'oppose à la prévision (« forecast »), qui se fonde sur une projection objective du passé dans le futur.
  9. Great! I will be watching and good trading.

    Michael B.