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    EMATRSlope(0.25) is greater than 0, then tomorrows trendiness is increased by 10%.

    EMATR(0.25) is an exponential moving average on true range.

    i did something on rangeCompression as well, which indicates additional trendiness, but EMATRSlope seems to do a better job.

    anyone else active here? with concrete outputs?
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    when the market opens tomorrow below 50% of the last ten days range, then the trendiness increases by 20%.
  3. How are you quantifying trendiness?
  4. You might be better off using the Market Profile to describe and anticipate trendiness instead of arithmetic mumbo-jumbo.
  5. Please explain what is EMATRSlope? Thank you.

    I recently sat in on Dr John Clayburg seminar, he has a simple way to determine trend I am still testing it. Here is the link if you are interested
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    very simple abs(ln(Cto/Oto) or: "what does the market accomplish in distance between open and close.
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    i put an exponential moving average over true range and measure its slope by looking at todays value divided by yesterday's minus one.
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    you are referring to the classic steidlmayr concept?

    well, here i am currently only looking at tendencies derived out of end of day data.

    what you call mambo jumbo is "concrete" to me. anyways, take care.
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    Yes:cool: ;
    something like that.

    Like to be ready for a trend day anytime;
    even though they may not happen as much as would prefer.EMA,SMA , most any MA helps follow trends .

    Be ready for them early & like you said eod =good measure;
    done better following them more so than forecasting them.
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    :) ... turtling around ... :)
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