Forecasting services for Forex (not technical)

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  1. I am looking for good forecasting services for forex. My current bank, UBS, has an investment part that gives good analysis and 3, 6 and 12 month forecasts of all major currencies, with fundamental analysis, trade issues, politics etc.

    This is a good service, but I am looking for more like that. Does anyone know anything like that?

    For example, I read that Tempusfx was one of the best forecasters according to Bloomberg for Q2 2018 for USDCAD:


    however when I called them they said they only provide services for firms.

    Does anyone know of something like what UBS does?
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    probably most international banks do something like UBS. ask them.
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    Do you think their forecast actually works? What is their success ratio? Please let me know when you find one, I desperately need something like this
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    maybe Deutsche Bank
  5. There's only one guy that can pull it off and you won't find him wearing a suit 15 floors up in NY. This guy is living out of a wigwam at 10,000ft calling in currency strikes from a satellite phone.
    ...of course if you have a 1mm+ account, I may be able to set up a meeting.

  6. I still am on the search for this. The problem is that any banks I find that can do this are private banks, and require a big account to be opened, and on top of that I don't necessarily know the quality of their research.

    Maybe I am searching for this in the wrong way? Is there not someone who just offers or sells their research?
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    I think you're carrying out a logical search for useful help, but............... maybe there's a shortage of this research in the public domain because its not reliable?
  8. I can help you out. What kind of returns are you looking to achieve and do you have any restrictions on accessing a computer mid day Monday through Friday. Are you wanting to be leveraged out or use zero leverage? Thanks for answering these questions.
  9. I'm already trading with IB, and like I said, I would be looking for something that can give 3, 6 or 12 month forecasts as well at least for the major currencies, with fundamental analysis with variables like growth, trade etc.

    I prefer to be leveraged, and so trade currency futures. Also I do have access to a computer every day.
  10. My personal opinion is that timeline is way too far out for currencies. Most places are going to put out random trades on varying pairs based on different trade parameters, making it close to impossible to gauge the statistics. You'll probably end up in holes for months, waiting for months to then make that back and this is all being done as you're trying to gauge whether the signals are even viable. Think about it, just to have 100 trades under your belt, you would have to have 25, 50 or 100 years of trades. You might as well just buy and hold in 4 different product regions and donate it to your grandchildren.
    Another thing, if one is putting out forecasts that far out, one could just make random calls knowing everything would be flipping back and forth crossing your entrance, then close out the positions at any point in the future with a wide margin of months 3- 12.
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