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  1. So are you liquidity guys having a ball with this or what? I have never seen 12mm shares up with a .01 spread in any issue before. F the new LU???
  2. Ford has been like that since earlier the year, when it was trading around 6.50 -7.
  3. I want to see a billion shares traded on this today.
  4. ford is definately the new lu,,, theres some big boys in this playground now,, wish i could watch em at work...
  5. da-net


    For those of us old enough to remember Lee Iococa bringing Chrysler back from the dead and buying shares in the $3 range with a good dividend...

    Is Lightning Going To Strike Twice?

    If you consider the similarities of the situations, economy and everything else including analyst sentiment the two (Ford & Chrysler) look very familiar to me from a historical perspective. If Ford continues down this path until it can perform a turn around, do you think we will get another opportunity like Chrysler?