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    ive been looking into ford and their.. actions as of late. Any predictions on what will happenwith the company in the long run?

    at this point i dont see a very bright future for ford. unless they smarten up and change their product line i wouldnt be surprised to see ford bought out in the next 10 years. this alliance with nissan-reneault could be helpful, its going to be interesting.

  2. If Ford fires a lot of people, closes plants, makes cars in China and sells them in the USA then I think Ford will make a lot of money.

    Ford needs better styling too.
  3. i kinda like thier cars; those bulky, sporty, gas hungry beasts....luv 'em. maye cuz we dont have 'em here in europe but hell if they hot.
  4. ford is gonna drop like a brides pajamas i got a read on this stock like nobodys bsiness just am bad at timing it.
  5. I wonder if people who are let go from Ford will have the money or care to buy a Ford car or truck again?
  6. It'll be an early 1980's used Ford that they'll have to fix or repair daily.
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    ford reportedly spoke with GM about a possible merger/alliance also. This might cause an increase in domestic disputes in trailer parks as rednecks will now have more time on their hands due to the fact they will no longer be able to sit around on the side of the street arguing whats better ford or chev. but all in all i think the NA automotive dealers need to do something or in the long run they will all be out of business.
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    Execs lured from Silicon Valley now leaving Ford
    Two Ford Motor Co. executives poached from Silicon Valley within the last two years are leaving the automaker, the latest in a series of management shuffles since Jim Hackett took over as CEO 10 months ago. Musa Tariq, hired from Apple Inc. in January 2017 to serve as Ford's chief brand officer, decided to leave last week, the company said. Raj Rao, CEO of Ford's Smart Mobility unit since October 2016, will step downMay 1, a spokesman said.(Automotive News)