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  1. Is there still a 10% upside, I was looking to buy at 6.59.
  2. Hmm... With GM's delivering good news the market will have a positive view towards F which will drive it's stock up. Will it report good earning? I doubt it. I wouldn't put my money on it, I've had bad luck with the car business.
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    A report in todays Detroit News suggests that Ford are
    about to announce huge losses in the wake of the new restructuring plan which goes before the board today. The article says that an announcement may come as soon as this Friday and that Ford may say it is looking at a $6bln loss for the year, which could be as high as $9bln when restructuring costs are taken into account. This compares to a loss last year of $1bln. A Ford spokesman reportedly wouldn`t confirm or deny the report.
  4. Yeah I bought at 7, this stock has been going up pretty much by a percent here or there for the last 3 months. I am still pretty hopefully the new CEO can come in and change things around.

    You have to remember they own 37% of mazda, jag, aston martin, volvo. That alone if managed properly could pretty much save Ford in my opinion. If ford was smart, they would get pretty much buy out mazda, sell off lincoln as no one buys a lincoln car, its not a sign of wealth as they expect it to be. Mercury is just an ugly car brand, I am not sure if I have seen a Milan yet on the streets. And the last thing would be fire all the union guys, give them an ultimatium accept wage cuts..

    Just my take as a share holder, not sure if I will be one for the long term.
  5. i dont doubt that ford and gm could continue going up short ter but i do find it HIFUCKINGLARIOUS. These companies are bankrupt. If you brought either their balance sheets into a bank to get a 5000 visa credit card they'd call security to have you beat up in the back ally.

    GMs "good news" over the past few months propelling the stock to rise 80% or so:

    - reintroduction of the camaro. cough cough - that might sell 100k units
    - a longer warranty on the power train? we are all saved!@#
    - they will open/partner with plants in third world countries. #1 - this is a long way off as in long after they go bankrupt. #2. is the UAW ggoint to sit idly by as they do this???
    - introduction of a hydrogen vehicle and ethanol blend vehicles. yes this is progess but again doesnt solve the immediate issue which is selling more cars

    GM and Ford lose money on every car they sell. Save for SUVs and pickups which nobody wants anymore.

    Bloated pension structure, crappy product quality (whether it be perceived or in fact true is irrelevant).

    The whole thing angers me. GM is dragging the dow higher. How can anyone possibly perceive GM as a buy other than the people manipulating the share price to build short positions and deceive the public...
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    Sept. 15 (Bloomberg) -- Ford Motor Co., responding to a $1.44
    billion first-half loss, plans to cut an additional 10,000
    salaried jobs in North America, a person familiar with the
    company`s plans said.

    Along with 4,000 salaried jobs the second-largest U.S.
    automaker eliminated as part of its ``Way Forward`` strategy in
    January, the additional cuts mean Ford will have slashed almost 40percent of its salaried workforce in North America by 2008.

    Ford will include its expanded plan for salaried job cuts
    when it discloses its third restructuring in five years today at 7
    a.m. New York time, the person said. Instead of shedding at least
    40,000 jobs in North America and closing 14 plants by 2012, the
    company intends to eliminate the jobs by 2008, the person said.

    ``It`s their Way Forward on steroids; it`s more and faster
    with more yet to come,`` said David Cole, chairman of the Center
    for Automotive Research in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

    Ford has to make major changes, Cole said, because ``all the
    escape routes are sealed off.`` Ford`s job-cutting plans include an agreement with the United Auto Workers union yesterday to offer buyouts of as much as $140,000 to all of its U.S. hourly workers. ``I don`t have any comment,`` said Oscar Suris, a spokesman at the automaker`s headquarters in Dearborn.

    ``We`ll have more tosay when we make our announcement.``
  7. From morningstar:

    Amid falling sales and ballooning losses, Ford F announced Friday that it is accelerating and expanding its Way Forward restructuring plan. The new approach comes less than eight months after the company unveiled the first version of this much-anticipated turnaround program. While the new plan calls for more-aggressive cost cuts and faster product introductions, we believe industry conditions will continue to grow more difficult for Ford. We're maintaining our fair value estimate of $9 per share and reiterating our speculative risk rating for the company while we examine the plan's details. Ford said it expects to reduce its annual operating costs by about $5 billion by the end of 2008 through salaried and hourly job reductions, plant closures, and improved productivity. The plan assumes Ford's market share will slip to 14%-15% from about 16% today. Considering that a portion of this decline is expected to occur as Ford reduces sales to corporate and rental fleets, we think the assumptions for its sustainable retail share could still be optimistic. The plan also calls for faster production introductions, with Ford saying it expects new or refurbished products to account for 70% of its sales volume by 2008. We agree that Ford's turnaround must be led by new products, but all automakers have aggressive product introduction plans for the next few years, and Ford is likely to encounter stiff competition in each segment of the market. We think updating the Way Forward plan was a necessary step, but broader changes, including asset sales, brand reductions, dealer consolidation, and further productivity improvements, will be necessary for Ford to return to sustained profitability.

    John Novak

    I just picked up another 2500 shares of Ford. The stock will continue to go up, plus, say what you want, the gov't will NEVER let Ford go bankrupt. Plus the new guy is pretty good.