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  1. ftudor


    I have a question about Ford.

    I was reading a time magizine article about the turn around of the compnay. I have been looking at the charts and the stock is at $9.50 a share.

    Can anyone give some insight on where they think the company will go?

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    I show $8.26

    $7.57 52 week low and

    $6.58 2002 low

    What the heck ..your stop doesn't have to be that far away to be below the lows .

    On a fundamental basis I think it is in better shape than GM.

    Just my opinion, thats what stops are for.
  3. Aldous Huxley must be turning over in his grave.
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    Thanks, but I am not sure I understand what a 'stop' is.

    At the time I was looking the stock was at $9.50, I should have been more specific about the particular time.

    Sorry for being noobish :D

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    Again sorry... those number look right I was looking at the symbol 'FORD' and not 'F'

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    A guy in Miami who just bought a Ford Escape the previous day, poured flammable liquid all over the vehicle, drove it through the window of the dealership and lit it.

    That's what I call costumer feedback!!! :)

    Imagine if word gets out of this, how eager people are going to be to buy the product...