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  1. Many people say ford is going down with GM and such (of course it will never happen) but how can ford go down when Mazda sales are so good? Besides toyota, mazda is up with the top year end sellers.

    P.S. - Can anyone tell me how much of a relationship mercedes had with Chrysler? If they decide to exit the relationship with Chrysler, what must they do?

    Thanks guys :)
  2. What relationship? Chrysler is essentially a Daimler/Mercedes division. They could sell it. But last I saw, they were making a big push with Jeep in Europe. Why sell it now? The Chrysler brand sucks but Jeep has a good design/reputation.

  3. If you look at the numbers the truck division of mercedes has been doing well while their car part as sputtered, not including the flop known as SMART car. The Chrysler part has done quite well.

    GM, Ford Sales Tumble in September

    "Chrysler bucked the trend among U.S. automakers, reporting a 4 percent increase in September sales, led by a 26 percent jump in car sales. The Dodge Neon, which Chrysler stopped making two weeks ago, saw a 69 percent increase. Chrysler's truck and SUV sales were down 1.8 percent, but its overall sales were up 7.5 percent for the year."


    R.I.P. GM and Ford
  4. No matter how bad GM does, the gov will always bail them out :)

  5. ...but who's gonna bail out the gov?
  6. If I had to choose between F or GM I would take F as the survivor. The reason being that under the present management they have become more nimble and better at adapting to change. Their engineering pipeline appears to me to be faster to production with fewer defects as they attempt to mold their business in the image of Toyota.
  7. The only good to come from these budget deficits is that the government will not be able to bail out Ford and GM this time.

    Free Markets; Free People!
  8. The 2006 Ford Fusion Sedan is going to be a huge hit for Ford...just wait and see..Based on the Mazda6 platform but it is NOT a rebadged Mazda...

    So my bet is on Ford over GM...and if Ford truly wanted to kick ass big time, they should take their long best selling small truck, The Ranger, and make it available in the US in 4 doors...they refuse to make any major changes till the end of the decade but hopefully they will change their minds as every other competitor now has a 4 door (crew cab) model except the Ranger...

    But even without that, the 2006 Ford FUSION is going to be huge...just wait and see..
  9. If F and GM were gone, how would this effect our economy? China's hold on the economic super power would be far sooner than we anticipated i beleive.

    Maybe F and GM should merge and start making smaller, fuel wise automobiles, with a small performance sector :)
  10. We should drop all tariffs and restrictions on chinese made cars.

    They can build them between $3,000 and $5,000 and are far superior as they don't have the American-engineered obsoletism which is the reason why cars break down after 8 to 10 years of use. The big 3 auto markets discovered long ago that they can make more money if they forced people to come back and buy a new one rather than building a quality car to last.




    Design life: 30-years or 400,000 miles. High quality stainless steel. Imagine no rust - You wonder why American automanufactors didn't think of that? :mad:
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