Ford is going down further to around $13

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by linkingxu, May 25, 2011.

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    Ok, and how did you come up with this amazing prediction? lol
  3. Agreed, it's going down. Look at the volume. Distributed.

    Capital intense business. Moving product with interest rates at generational lows and notes exceeding the life of the collateral?

    A chronically weak dollar benefits a lot of multi-nationals. What proportion of Ford's revenue is derived overseas?
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    hmmm... well thats not good because I'm long F :(
  5. Ford to hit $ 26 with the little help of QE III.
  6. You must be talking about at least the late half year of 2012. Or maybe it never reach there. What is the highest price of FORD in history???

  7. $F @ $26??

    You must be talking about at least 2 year later. What is the highest price of $F in history?
  8. Aren't YOU kinda putting the cart before the horse?

    IF there's a QE-3 (seeing how the first two haven't "worked"), it would most likely be strategically timed for the next presidential election.

    Nine THOUSAND posts? JFC
  9. looks like I delete a post by mistake, sorry
  10. The taxpayer is going to eat the loss that the govt takes when it sells it's GM shares - 30 years of inept mgmt - the govt should not have saved them.

    F is in the same boat GM was in - only a govt bailout will save them.... tick tock tick tock

    Neither company could make money when times were good from the mid 70's til 2008... how can they legitimately make money in the leaner years ? Which I think we can all agree are coming ...
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