Ford: Government gave us massive pork & all we could manage was +21%. FEAR the next Q

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  1. So, Cash for Clunkers helped Ford improve sales 21% from HISTORICALLY DEPRESSED levels.

    Wait until they get a load of a non-stimulated, non-CFC market.

    Yee haw!
  2. Did you see their reasoning for their increase in sales?

    "Sales increased because of our strong lineup"

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, do these people think we are idiots? How about some honesty?
  3. Lethn


    Apparently the main argument against this whole cash for clunkers scheme is that dealers found people were simply paying for the cars with credit rather than actual cash.

    Just from hearing this I'm expecting the firms using this scheme to take a huge dip again soon enough. I don't understand what makes them think they can use debt as a currency, the idea is just ridiculous all it does is delay the inevitable payment that is required.
  4. Ford sales were only up 17% YoY.

    Take away the largesse that was Cash for Clunkers, and they would have been down, no doubt.


    Chrysler was actually down Month over Month and YoY.
  5. The Ford Fusion is the test. So it is wait and see.
  6. Strip out the 700k in sales CFC was responsible for and the auto sales numbers are very, very troubling.


    Auto dealers whittled their inventory after purchases of almost 700,000 vehicles through the Car Allowance Rebate System. Sustaining August’s sales pace will be a struggle for the rest of the year now that the government cash is gone, Casesa said.

    “Dealers are saying as soon as the program ended everything stopped dead,” he said. The demand was “a total pull-ahead” of sales that would have been made in future months, not a permanent rebound in the market, Casesa said.

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    wow ford cannot beat sales estimates even when the government is throwing money at the consumer to buy cars. With the new and improved (maybe) GM coming back next year, I think ford is way overvalued right now.