Ford, GM, Chrysler - which one will fold?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Runningbear, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. I read today that GM needs $18 Billion in loans just to make it through to Xmas.

    It dawned on me that one of the big three has to fold. Attempting to save all three will not solve anything. The US car industry needs to rationalise.

    If one declares bankruptcy, the other two will be in a healther position to absorb their workers and some of their production facilities.

    The question now becomes which one will the government sacrifice?

  2. Humpy


    I think hard ball remedies are needed for the auto companies.

    How about russian roulette for the CEOs
  3. The question now becomes which one will the government sacrifice?

    Who's the LEH of the auto industry? I think GM pooh poohed global warming, probably them. GM is not going along with the contempary program.
  4. Humpy


    Since all 3 are in trouble - why not
    1. amalgamate them and throw out the worthless bits ? ( including the present CEOs )
    2. put 100% tax on all car/truck imports for 5 years
    3. re-negotiate existing salaries , perks, pension plans etc.
    4. put nutmeg in charge ? lol
  5. 4. put nutmeg in charge ? lol

    Ahhhh, this brings up a nutmegism.

    I worked very hard to become a manager now I work very hard never to be a manager again.:cool:
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    I am sure the nation will be devastated !!
  7. So here's a crazy idea. Instead of offering loans, let's put the bailout in the form of a big car purchase. That way if it doesn't work out, at least the government can keep the cars. $25B should buy about a million nice cars even if the taxpayers pay retail.