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    Lots of call option activity for March expiration. Stock is down 5%. What's the best way of seeing if that activity is buying or people settling their calls?
  2. both...people buying and selling
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    Sorry, I guess I need to clarify-- I realize there's buying and selling. How can I see what the open interest was prior to today's activity?
  4. I show ford's open interest rose on february 28th and has not changed since. The rise was from 2,110,206 to 2,207,002
  5. I guess I should mention this is a 10 year high, but it typically has an open interest of about 1,800,000. It was at that relative rate from 2000 until Aug 2007.
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    I want to load up (long) on this piece of shit company, strictly on price action.

    But I hate their product line up, I hate William Clay Ford Sr., and they are bleeding cash.

    I haven't traded F in years.

    I track GM though. I came so F'n close to buying that for a trade today. Had the ticket set up in 19's but just couldn't do it. Of course I would of dumped at $20 1/4.

    Both those POS trade kind of in tandem.

    Well, usually when it makes you want to puke and buy, its usually the right decision
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    You are so right on the money here. They are both going to hell in a hand basket. I want to buy GM too, but it would not surprise me if it was in the single digits within a year. Fuck both those stocks.
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    One thing I don't understand about Ford is their attempt to compete with Honda and Toyota in the mid-size sedan market. Ford came out with the Fusion in 06, (bought one myself), and it's a pretty nice car. But in 07 they came out with an all wheel drive Fusion, while everyone else is focusing on hybrids and fuel economy. Why not just compete with Accord and Camry with a regular front wheel drive car? Why the all wheel drive on a mid-size sedan?

    BTW, I bought my Fusion during their Labor Day weekend sale in 06. The stock moved up almost a dollar a share after my buy. I can move the car market baby............

  10. Hell, GM could go the way of F and very well go to single digits long term. Who knows even C single digits and both those POS can be booted off the DOW. I don't have the discipline to ride out in either direction and only for a 1/2-1 point anyway. Just trade these stocks like the whores they are.

    Well I haven't bought an American car in years. If that makes me Un-American, so be it but too many fuckin problems. I'll buy a Honda or Toyata anyday. I love my Accord!
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