Ford about to go bankrupt...soon to trade in the 1s and then on the pinks

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  1. Nothing trades like this without bankruptcy in the wings. Ford is done...going bankrupt.
  2. Have you driven any of their products lately? I can see a thousand reasons for them going BK by just poking around in a brand new Focus.
  3. Chinese buys the good parts.....makes a good electric car for $18,000 instead of $40,000....

    Will hire a lot of the US as well....

    All is well.....the firm will grow....

    Nothing bad about it.....
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    Ford is a good company to work for, they really take care of their staffs, i used to do some short term work for them and the increase in my pension was great, be sad to see it go, but a lot not all, of the senior people haven't got the biz acumen, so won't be surprise if it goes, btw a few yrs my wife bought a brand new ford car and the back door doesn't close properly, u can feel wind blowing in when u drive !!!
  5. I did drive the new Ford Taurus and thought it was worlds better then the Taurus's or 500s of the past. However, there was still significant wind noise, it gets about 21 mph and not as strong accelerating as advertised. The suspension made some noise going over bumps.

    In comparison, any model camry or accord in the last 10 years is quieter, smoother riding and gets better gas mileage.

    I would rather drive a 2003 Camry or Accord then a 2008 Ford Taurus.

    Ford has improved greatly, but still lags far behind their Asian counterparts.

    Ford Taurus=20 MPG average, not long lasting, lots of defects, still a rough ride, noisy
    Camry or Accord= 26-28 MPG average, 15 year car, no defects, quite, smooth comfortable ride
  6. Well, since this is turning into a rant against Ford products...

    I bought three new Fords in the 80s and two new Fords in the 90s. Each of them lost half their value at the end of the warranty. Never again, I said. I bought a new Honda in 01 and am still driving it to 300,000 miles. It still has 30% of the original value. Try THAT with a Ford.

    The only Ford I would own now is a crew cab dually. No, scratch that. Make it a Dodge Cummins, with a rear window sticker of that little kid peeing on a Ford logo.
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    Don't forget K. Kerkorian 6.5%

    In regards to the stock trading at these levels, he may run it up to get some of his money back, BK aside. He was just asked to put more collateral for the credit line being used to buy F shares, as the original collateral (MGM shares) lost value.