forced vaccinations?

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  1. that is un fkn real!!! there is absolutely no doubt mercury is to blame for the rise in autism rates. any official that says differently is a criminal. they claimed they took the mercury out when in fact they increased it in some shots. go to your local pharmacy and ask them about the "low cost" or free flu vaccines, its got thimerosal !

    now they are forcing parents to ruin their child's lives? with guns? and no one cares. un fkn real.
  2. Polio vaccine used to be contaminated with simian virus until the 1960's. 10-30 million were injected with this contaminated vaccine.

    Since vaccines are made from eggs, when will they start injecting us with some kind of bird flu variant? Vaccine manufacturers screen eggs for about 2 dozen known viruses, but what happens if a virus develops that is not known or tested for? 10-20 years later people get cancer or autoimmune disease, etc.

    Oh well. $$$$$$ to be made from that disaster. The $icker the better.
  3. All very disturbing. And brings back memories for me. When I was in 3rd grade a man came into our classroom and gave us a talk about how flouride fights tooth decay. We were all forced to gargle a small cup full of it for 30 seconds every morning for the entire school year. I just did it..what did I know? It tasted disgusting and I didnt want to participate but would make my teeth healthy, right?

    I do not think I suffered any physical side effects. But I will say one thing. Before being forced to do this I loved school and my teachers. Afterwards I was pretty much done with caring about public school education and just floated through the next 9 years with enough effort to get a high school diploma and get the heck out of there

    The nanny state....
  4. Thats nothing, in year two or three, these uniformed persons turned up for a talk.
    Kids arent stupid, i never saw such obsequiousness from teachers.
    All we were told, is they were "good guys" , go-to people in serious times, and dont ever cross them, or else.
    Turned out, they were the most rotten, gutless, cowardly, arrogant, lieing murderous child abusing cunts in all society, so go figure, huh.

    Fluoride is the least of your worries, the problem, always has been, is who and how something may be enforced, and their respective motivation.

    I have the greatest respect for some police officers, its a crap job, BUT if you are going to do that shit, at least beleive the laws you are enforcing, actually HELP society, OR, your just a slimy, cowardly, murdering sadist, thats the unfortunate reality.

    Over and out.
  5. so what do we do. do we allow possible carriers of diseases like tb, measles, whooping, cough,polio and other childhood diseases to mingle with other children in the classrooms? would you want your children around these diseases? have any of you ever seen what polio can do to people?
    LONG PRAIRIE, Minnesota: Polio was pronounced dead in the Western Hemisphere years ago, after one of the most successful public health campaigns in history. But now it is stealing through a tiny Amish community in central Minnesota, spreading from an 8-month-old girl to four children on two neighboring farms.

    So far, no one has been crippled by the disease, which has no known cure; only 1 in 200 cases of polio results in paralysis. But worried public health officials say it may be only a matter of time.

    The story of how polio came to this dairy farming community of 24 families, with 19th-century ways that include a deep-rooted suspicion of vaccination
  6. Sure, and that is the huge question.

    We already know many of the results of non-vaccination-the problem, is there are few or none legitimate studies outside of big pharma, as to the ultimate health results of vaccination-re side effects-and dont be thinking thats a blanket arguement, as so many dimwits jump too, there are "vaccinations" for incredible numbers of things, many dubious.

    I know a guy who had polio, walks a little funny, but was stopped in its tracks by medication when he was a kid.

    But, there is nothing to suggest, at this point, these diseases wont come back bigger and stronger from the intensive vaccination programs, nature will find a way, of that i am certain.

    We are human, we cannot lock out nature for all time, but it wont be human nature that destroys us-it will be bureacracy.
  7. i find i hard to believe that people cant understand the danger allowing a few to spread horrible diseases that were mostly eliminated back into the population. have we forgotten history of what older generations went through. do we allow the irrational fears of a few dictate the health of the majority?
    i have a friend whose grandfather died young from a simple sliver in his finger. there were no tetanus vacinations then. a minor injury that we would think nothing of today killed him.
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