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  1. I'm not, but let's pose the hypothetical situation that you had to pick one banking stock in this chaos that you believed would be a good longer term investment - which one would you go with and why?
  2. BAC - "Bank with pride"
    too patriotic and military designs for checks and cc for market to let this one down :D
  3. HCBK. One of the better looking 5 year charts in banks/financials.
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    The only banks I would own:


    I also like MORN.
  5. Nagelis



    weathered the storm relatively well so far
    steady fee income

    took all writedowns right away w/o dickin around
    best placed for penetrating the chinese mkt
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    or UYG if you want to put more risk on...

    I would NOT go with any individual stocks, go with the ETFs instead.
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  8. I agree ... UYG for me. I bought Aug 20 calls yesterday (to hedge my overall short positions).
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    CSE is looking good. Strong insider buying. Dividend will probably be cut as they de-reit, but I expect them to be one of the few with cash ready to take advantage of the void of most banks imploding.
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