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  1. I am impressed ... really

    There are many false representatives of true spirituality.

    Most supposed discerning people don't have a clue ... thank you for having eyes to see.

    OR ... being enough of a skeptic to know a con when you see one.
  2. She is an entertainer, nothing more. I seriously doubt she even believes God exists. Listening to the tone of her voice and just the way she speaks, you can tell its just a story.

    I'm not surprised when you watch these false prophets and then think all us Christians are nutjobs. These people do more damage to religion than atheists because you know they are liars.

    I think they do it because they love the attention they bring to themselves. The wilder the story, the more attention it gets. I think they get so many followers because people are afraid to question their faith. They think if they question her, that maybe they are questioning their faith. We are told to be as gentle as doves, but as wise as serpents. Apparently her followers didnt read that passage.

    She is a con artist in my opinion.
  3. Ah spirituality. For me would have to involve a realm (?)
    where science eventually discovers its machinations i.e. quantum physics; somewhere behind the curtain where the wavefunction collapses. Where scientists, the real investigators of truth, still
    haven't penetrated and confess are still perplexed about the nature of reality at the most fundamental levels. I feel spirituality on those occasions when I get a bit of poetry I just read more than I ever have from an evangelist and my brother in law is
    a legitimate minister with a church and a flock; he doesn't stand a chance.
  4. So many iditos in this world

    We need several nuclear bombs to clean this
  5. I appreciate your honesty.

    Indeed ... this is a very sad time for the body of Christ. [Church]
    So little real demonstration of power ... so little real unconditional love.

    On top of that shallow condition ... there are con artists whom the sheeple love to hear,
    and the religious money-changer system loves to promote. Master fleecers.

    I cannot fault people for being fed up with anything that claims "spiruality"
    especially those drenched in hypocrisy who cannot back up what they say ...
    especially with love ... let alone the demonstration of the tangible Spirit and power of God.

    If I didn't know better and have multitudes of proven real life experiences ...
    I would challenge as well ... and rightly so. [With what is going on out there, by and large.]

    I am truly sorry for the condition the Church is in and
    her faithless, powerless, game-show host, slot machine doctrines.

    It is sad when honorable people have more discernment than those who claim to love the truth.

    I can tell you this. Anyone with a humble heart who really truly is open to God and seeks Him ... will find Him.

    And it doesn't matter if you test everything and are exceedingly cautious of religious garbage.
    In fact it is far better that you do so.
  6. this will probably go over your head but i will give it a try. since neither you nor her have any evidence for what you believe other than your emotional attachment to what you have been told you have no goalpost to judge what she says. what she says could be directly from a gods mouth.

    "If “faith” is a prerequisite in a belief in order to see the truth of the belief, being if there were evidence there would be no need for “faith” in any particular belief.
    All supernatural beliefs require “faith” in its truth, being there is no evidence proving any particular belief.
    So it must be the “faith” itself that dictates what is true.
    Therefore every one of the worlds religions are true, being they all rely on the “faith” of the believer to see its truth. -Unknown