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    Data mining - true, survivorship bias - don't be ridiculous!

    I also see you are a vendor.

    Vendor of what? I'm not selling anything! I'm a part of the R&D company = true, our software is free, education we provide is free, so what is your suspicion?

    Consequently, I think it would be fair to request that you produce P&L statements supporting the above profitability you mentioned.

    If my partner agrees to publish our P&L I'll do it tomorrow! After all it is his money we are trading!

    If you are making money with a good technique that is not B.S. then you should not have to be so cryptic. Prove and they will come. Including me.

    Cryptic, eh? This thread is a continuation of two previous threads that I was involved in. I thought different point of view might help. I have already described the method of extracting data in one of my posts. Now I gave you an idea of strategy we use. What do you want me to do, post the C++ code?
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    Too cool!

    Abogdan, you are really fascinating! While we'll never agree on the "trends don't exist" argument or that chart reading is like "picking patterns out of clouds," I enjoy all of your posts because you're a thinker. I actually worked up a spreadsheet measuring and comparing the waves of moves (impulsive and corrective swings) so I find your idea intriguing.

    May I suggest you back test your idea on the symbol SMH. The uptick rule (Turok's comment) does not apply to SMH since it's basically a mutual fund that's traded like a stock. SMH has plenty of volatility, and while you do not agree that trends exist, SMH trends well even in short time frames. SMH also has an average volume around 8 mil or so; there's plenty of liquidity.
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    Your are a genius!!!!! I just looked at SMH and applied my checker software just to see the ball park. It looks awesome!!!!!Thank you very, very much! In exchange, I would be happy to share with you everything you might want to know!
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    Also, check out QQQ, its an ETF just like SMH so no up-tick rule, it also trades much higher volume and always has a tight spread (its day traded by many) so less slippage, should help the model.
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    Thank you. QQQ was in my portfolio from very beginning. The performance is better with SPY and DIA though. Thanks again.
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    OK... I do have a question:

    For those traders who are below the requirement for 4-to-1 margin and daytrading regulations, or for those who would like to hold positions for more than one day, do you have a method?
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  8. Excuse me? This statement is from April 2003, it does not bare abogdan's name, and it describes trades of MSFT.

    Care to elaborate?

    I'm sure you'll come up with a credible story. Can't wait to hear it.

    Anyway, any real traders in da house?

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    Whatchu doin' question'n him 50?

    He's a "Thinker".

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  10. I liked his post about "sounds of the market" in the psychology forum. This guy should really tell us where he gets his weed from. It's probably the best stuff you'll ever get your hands on... :p :cool:
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