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    How many of you profitable traders attribute your success to a particular product you trade. What I mean is, how applicable are your methods to other products. If your product were to cease trading tomorrow, would you starve? Also, how much of your "success" is attributable to "knowing" your product, vs. the methods you employ?
  2. No.

  3. LOL
  4. No.

    Are you getting this?
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    I think so. I need to develop a general approach to the markets.
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    I don't understand. How can your setups work across markets with the different tick sizes, ranges, etc. How can you trade the 30-yr and the ER2 the same way.
  7. You can draw a trendline without knowing the tick size. You can recognize a "cup with handle" or a "head and shoulders" or a "key reversal day" or a "bullish engulfing shoji Candlestick watanga bojangga" pattern on the chart, without knowing the tick size.

    You can compute a moving average and note whether price is above or below the moving average, without knowing the ticksize.

    You can recognize a 20-bar breakout without knowing the ticksize. You can compute Wilder's Parabolic Stop-And-Reverse without knowing the ticksize. You can even mark a Ken Roberts One Two Three pattern on a chart, without knowing the ticksize.
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    Or we can flip a coin,(if we have a coin to flip-Bob Dylan):)
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    ER2 chosen product - the best mover in town

    If the ER2 ceased trading - would move to ES, YM and if really pushed then NQ.

    Method applicable to all main US indices only - if they didn't exist I would get very thin very quickly :D