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  1. For all the traders that post here, what is your usual position size in a trade? I'm just curious as to how someone does 1m in a day. (cough Rearden )

    Even for you 150k plus guys, what lot size are you throwing around. Are you scaling in or loading up at once? Thanks all.


    Still trying to wrap my brain around this daytrading thing, what a different beast.
  2. Um, I do trade 100 shares a pop. I understand that you must work a large order. It was a mere curiousity how someone who fire around 1m shares a day does it. Since I am nowhere near that level I was curious.

    While I may ask question about trading large size I still do my own thing and stick with it. I haven't done anything crazy I research, test, plan, study all with 100 shares at a time. Doesn't mean I can't be curious as to the inner workings of 1million shares.

    I'll scale up when I can make $50/day trading 100 shares/trade.

    Thanks for simply stating nothing at all.
  3. Hmmmm where did the post go. LOL! I responded to someone :)
  4. My usual piker position size is 800-1500 shares. Sometimes I get into 2000 but its not common. I am trying to work at sizing up in those few trades where I am most confident.
  5. I used to trade with a guy who consistently did over 1mm shares a day. He traded QQQ (now QQQQ) and SPY, and would usually build into a core position of around 100K shares in the Qs and 25k in the SPYs, which he would then trade around.
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    I trade approximately 300k-400k per day. My usual position size is 500 to 1k shares. I max out at around 6k if the stock is highly liquid, which doesn't happen very often. I trade often and carry up to 20+ positions at once. I pull opportunities from any source I can whether it be fundamental or technical in nature. If the trade looks good, I take without hesistation, I will buy or sell within a second of verification that a stock meets my parameters. I project that in 6 months I will be trading 600k+ per day as I broaden my skills.
  7. Why would the number of shares have anything to say to anyone else but your broker or propshop-owner? It's the bottomline that counts. If you make a good living with high volume; great - if you do it with low volume then that's also great. There's also a huge difference between trading a 5 dollar stock and GOOG.

    Just to contribute to the thread: I trade Norwegian equities, not US, but my dollar value per day is between 3 and 13 million USD. The number of shares would depend on what stocks are moving that day. Some of my favourite stocks are "midcap" pennystocks, and here in June I did 8.5m shares in Pan-Fish (PAN) and 4m shares in Altinex (ALX) in one day.
  8. I do over a million shares a day, but mostly from trading ford with a 20k default, but on the other stocks I trade, I start off with 1k never anything less and then build on that position to hopefully around 10k and then getting out in 1k also. It adds up quick.
  9. I do about 10k-20k per day in about 3-7 equity trades a day. I usually scale at 200-400 shares per entry. Sometimes I'll have a 3k position built up, sometimes I'll hold 400 shares for 3 days. My holding time depends on my analysis (I'll trade of 30 minute bars as well as 5 min bars), the size depends on the price of the stock ~ for example, you won't see me holding 3k shares of CME, more like 300-500. I will hold 3k of the Q's or INTC. My position size is price volatility based in that respect.

    I don't really trade much volume which keeps my transaction costs low, but then again when I enter a position I usually anticipate holding for a greater part of the day (I trade direction more often than not), I find that goal also keeps me from taking poor quality trades.
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    my usual size in 1000, but if I like the trade and depending on the stock I'll try to get 3000 shs. I usually don't size in, I'll try to get as much as I can in the beginning of the move.
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