For you aircraft junkies. Fly bys!

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  1. Love it! Thanks. When I worked out at the airport the Guard, and Reserve bases would bring in aircraft for Armed Forces Day every year. It was a blast to work the 2 days before and the day after when they would come and go. The tower would clear them to have fun and put on a show, flybys, direct clearances to altitude, ie going vertical. It was a blast watching them come screaming down the runway holding 10 feet or so, and then at the end of the runway straight up and out of sight. Probably the best was the F-111. Holy crap! They lit the afterburners about halfway down the runway and standing about 100 feet away I thought my body was going to explode. The ground was shaking, and I'm sure the tower had quite a few complaints from the houses nearby.
    Another good one was when AirForce 1 came in to town. Before landing a couple of helicopter gunships would fly down the runway with guys manning machine guns scanning the area.
    The secret service would fly in on us and it was kind of fun unloading all the rifle cases that came with them. Those guys were off the planes and down on the ramp to make sure they didn't walk away. I have to say they were always pretty cool, relaxed and would joke with you when you asked them questions.
  2. Google Earth now has a flight sim.. You can fly an F-16 or a single engine something or other over Africa or anywhere else in the world.