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    I have learnt and studied investment for some years. I have done some swift trade and also holding trade. I love it, not just for the exciting from it (it is at the beginning), but also the consideration about life inspired by it.

    Investment or speculation is not a gamble but a life type, which require a calm mood and never being very rich after one night, if you want to be a good trader, whether professional or not. I means that being professional or not is not belong your willing to be or not, but whether you have this talent, just as real good professors in other field. The things which can be decided by ourselves is little I believe.
    The most we can do or decide is to try something to confirm what we really fit.

    This is just a little part. Now I post the title for finding somebody to chat more, if anyone has some interesting on this. My MSN is

    In addition, I am a Chinese, and my English is a little poor. So I also want to know some website in USA for chatting with somebody, which can make me communicate with people all over the world well. Thanks a lot. My MSN is