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    OK Waggie, in repsonse to this post by you:

    Why don't you stop putting words in my mouth and show me a couple of YOUR posts where YOU CRITICIZE BUSH for his spend, spend, spend philosophy and the huge budget deficits that he is running up?

    I decided to do just that. I decided to stick your own words down your throat. I'm a man of my word, so here you go, here are some posts where I actually critisize Bush on spending. The funny thing is, if a new person to ET read only these posts by me, they would think I was nothing but a Bush basher too. See, unlike you Waggie, I can be objective and lay blame when blame should be layed. So here you go buddy.

    "Actually this thread is not about you but rather the statement you made that Bush has done nothing for the economy or that he isn't even a fiscal conservative, which on spending I would agree with you."

    "Mackie, whether you want to admit it or not, GWB is just a macrocosm of society at large. Just as Bill Clinton was a mirror image of the declining morality in this country, GWB is no different then most Americans. The average family in this country makes something like 34k a year, yet owns a home they can't afford, has credit cards maxed out to the hilt, spends way too much on cars, and is two weeks away from bankruptcy. The only difference between GWB and us is that we can file Bankruptcy, and the Treasury can just print more money or borrow and endless supply of money from the public. You see the government has a good credit rating, the american public does not."

    "If Bush loses, it won't be because of the democrats, but rather republicans who no longer believe Bush anymore. They don't believe he will control spending, they don't believe he will continue to support socially conservative policies, and they don't believe he can improve our intelligence agencies enough to fight this war on terror. If that happens, it will be the right that throws Bush out of office, not the left."

    "Let me give you an example. Bush is a free spending cowboy in Washington with a credit card that never seems to get maxed out. OK, now obviously, as a fiscal conservative I have serious issues about this. However, I won't say it's OK because Bill Clinton would do the same thing. Who cares! The bottom line is he is wrong! Just because Bill or Hillary or Al Gore would spend just as much money does not make it right. Do you follow?"

    "Tell me about it. It's so funny, democrats and liberals spend so much time hating Bush that they don't see he is actually becoming one of them. He is spending money like water. Big programs right and left. You would think all these government dependent liberals would be cheering Bush on. Entitlements here, entitlements there, entitlements everywhere. Spend, spend, spend!"

    "It cracks me up, liberals believe that government can spend your money better then you can and Bush apparently is doing just that, spending your money. If they would actually shut up for a second they might be happy to see that Bush is indeed becoming the big brother that liberals inspire to have."

    "Yes the republicans are borrowing a lot of money. A lot of that has something to do with a little thing called 9/11 and a little war we are involved in right now. Would you believe it if I told you that during WWII we actually spent a much higher percentage of our GNP. Yup, look it up. Having said that, Bush is spending too much on domestic concerns. Republicans in general shun non defense spending."

    "If you want to create job growth, you have to got to cut taxes, period. Bush is trying to do this. Now he also has to stop spending money like a freaking 16 year old girl at the mall. But we need much more aggressive tax cuts in this country but the democrats in Washington are fighting this tooth and nail."

    "Yeah, but everyone on this board was bitching about Bush not spending more money on domestic security, well now he is. And of course we have to keep military spending up, we are at war, hello! Bush has spent way too much on domestic programs the last three years and after pressure from the far right to cut it out he finally seems to be responding. Of course this will piss off the liberals that secretly enjoyed all the big gov't programs and entitlements Bush provided us the last three years but now its over and people will actually have to pay their way. Imagine that."

    "I'm not happy about the size of government either under Bush but I think he'll do some housecleaning 2nd term. Most of the increased size comes from the homeland security dept. Bush nor anyone else back in 2000 planned on this but the times have changed. Hopefully we can make this dept smaller and more efficient. I think we could also do away with the IRS."

    "And who do you propose to be our next president? It's easy to criticize from your living room. I have been very critical of Bush and this administration and how they are spending money, but I think government is changing on both the right and the left. Both parties are trying to use money to get control of the country."

    "This administration is the most attacked administration in US history and they are using money to protect themselves from the left. Do I agree with it? No. But when you have Hollywood liberals meeting tonight to see how they can throw Bush out of power, and you have people like George Soros who is absolutely committed to spend whatever it takes to defeat Bush and then you have all these radical left wing TAX EXEMPT organizations like and ACT, who are collecting millions in donations that are skirting our campaign finance laws."

    "Bush and the right are feeling this threat and are responding to it accordingly. I really wish we could fix the campaign finance situation in this country but until we do, both sides will spend whatever it takes to stay in power. Like it or not, this is reality."

    "No Waggie, I never said I approved of this administration's spending. I never said I was happy to see government waste. I never said we can't cut back on certain programs."

    "My post was in response to you wanting to spend billions on securing our borders. Yet you can't give me one argument as to why this will even matter. You keep dodging the issue. I'm not happy about Bush's spending so what, now I have to accept your proposal of spending billions on border security? LMAO. Waggie, there is no logic there. If anything you should be arguing the opposite. That we should cut spending across the board including on border security, yet you cry about this issue every day like if we don't put a wall around the 20k miles of coastline we have in this country that we are in serious trouble. LOL. Waggie, I will debate this issue with you when you stop hiding behind Bush's spending problems. Fair enough?"

    "Actually this thread is not about you but rather the statement you made that Bush has done nothing for the economy or that he isn't even a fiscal conservative, which on spending I would agree with you."
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    Um... he's calling you out, Waggie.

  3. But you still have yet to answer the question I posed earlier today about why you support Bush 100% in his foreign policy directive, and his policy/invasion in Iraq?

    Was it Condi Rice showing up on "Face The Nation" one morning talking about the potential for a nuclear cloud?

    Was it the aluminum tubes that the Department of Energy anayzed and laughed at as alleged evidence of WMD?

    Was it the forged reports of Uranium sales between the country of Niger and Iraq?

    Or was it the British intelligence dossier that was a plagiarized report from a grad student on Iraq, circa 1991 that Secretary Colin Powell held up so lavishly to the United Nations back in March of 2003?

    Or was it the intelligence that VP Cheney and CIA director Tenet were getting from our good friend Ahmed Chalabi? You know the guy I'm talking about. The guy that was on our countries State Department payroll to the tune of $340,000 per month, has extensive interests in a company that has already been awarded more than $400 million dollars in reconstruction contracts and told Iranian intelligence that we had broken Iran's secret communications code?

    Please feel free to tell us just which piece of evidence that the Bush Administration presented to the American public that justified President Bush's invasion of Iraq based on the belief that Iraq posed an "imminent" threat?
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    Wag conks Mav a good one right between the eyes...

  5. Maverick74


    Wait a minute here. I only have two hands. You attacked me relentlessly for hours yesterday saying I never criticized Bush and even went as far to say that I stated that I approved on Bush's fiscal spending. Of course that was a flat out lie and you could not produce one post where I said as much. Then I actually go out of my way and do a search for you to show you all the posts where I actually criticize Bush on spending and suddenly you drop it on a dime? LOL. This is unreal. Dude, do you ever give up?

    And second, I didn't see any post of yours today asking me any more questions. You called me out and told me to produce the posts and I did. What? Now I have to explain why I support his foreign policy agenda again to you? Waggie, look, do me a favor, use the search button in the upper right hand corner. I know have have written hundreds of posts about this, why not just look them up OK? Save us all the hassle.

    And when your done with that, I expect you to come back here and apologize to everyone on ET for lying to them, again.

    It sucks when you have to eat your own words doesn't it tough guy? LOL.
  6. Couldn't we please just have them play Rockem Sockem Robots instead?


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    Mav staggers a bit, but shakes it off and comes back with a right cross/straight left combo - fully connecting with Wag's nose....

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    I tried playing that game once - not enough mobility.

    I switched over to Green Ghost instead. I could play it in the dark.

    I stopped playing it, though, quite a number of years back... well, about 6 months ago.

    Green Ghost always knew the way.

  9. It's really quite simple.

    Mav is an ardent supporter/defender of George W. Bush.
    He has even mentioned Bush as being in the same leadership league as the honorable Ronald Reagan. But what I find most amazing is that he stated just yesterday that the ONLY thing that he likes about the Bush administration is his foreign policy directive. Quote:

    "I am 100% in support of him on the war on terrorism and in Iraq and that is my primary reason for supporting Bush. I have never ever made the statement on ET that I was proud of anything else Bush has done outside foreign policy."

    So deficits don't matter to Mav, nor do giving illegal immigrants amnesty, or letting your nation's biggest economic locomotive twist in the wind during a huge recession while your campaign contributors screw every grandma Margie in the state. It just doesn't have anything to do with integrity for Mav. It's only about Karl Rove and getting votes. No, for Mav its all about supporting Bush because of Bush's foreign policy directive in Iraq.

    That being said, I really wonder just what evidence that the Bush Administration presented to the American public that Mav believes justified our Invasion of Iraq.

    It's really a very simple question, and I wonder why Mav can't answer it.
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    Wag's right, Mav... it is simple.

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