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    I know you have been concerned about my finances, and I appriciate your concern.
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    Now, what I want you guys to really do is think is it that Brandon will show us how much money he makes online, without even being asked, but people throw a fit for trading services to do the same thing..but they all have excuses (me included).

    Here is what it is/was in my case.

    I'm an ok trader, I still trade to this day and I average about $800 each day when I do trade if you just take and average out all the winners and losers.

    Those are good numbers, but not homerun stuff.

    If I had produced the kind of numbers trading my own account (when I was managing money for other people I did more then this per week, but it wasnt all mine) i'd have gone nuts to make sure you all knew.

    The fact that I've made this much online, and I have the proof (actually I have proof to just under $1million so far this year), is going to lead to me probably being able to make another $2million to $3million in December when I put my own product out showing I did what I did.

    So, who out there actually shows you their results? I can't think of a lot of people aside from Tim Sykes and Don Miller?

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    The last Forex Product I promoted (Raid) did $631,000 in one month...amazingly, I never mentioned it once (until now) on ET. That promotion was several months ago.

    I've got another one that goes live on Tuesday. It'll do $500,000 this week. I'll tell you guys about it at the end of the week (after I close the shopping cart), just to prove to TZ how important he is in my marketing :)

  4. I hope you're really joking about being the one behind the marketing campaign for that Forex product by Paul Liburd...whom changes the name of the same product from one website to another website. :(

    By the way, you don't need TraderZones (TZ) to help you promote the products of other traders because you're doing a great job here at without him along with indirectly marketing to every spammer that comes to that you're in the business of promoting trading products...possibly their products if they're interested. :cool:

    Therefore, since ET management allows you to promote your business or the business of others that you've done marketing campaigns for, can you tell us more about the product that goes live next Tuesday that should do about 500k in sales. :cool:

    Last of all, considering TraderZones is a former spammer himself, have you consider promoting his 250k trading system for him that he twice try to sell here at without ET management permission.

    I'm also curious how much you would have charge TraderZones to run his marketing campaign...

    5% cut of the sales. :confused:

    Note: There's some sarcasm above but the questions are serious.

  5. mxjones


    Because you are a narcissist, but more appropriately you are a pathological liar. Trader, mentor, run a website, manage money, going to work with some guy who helped run Microsoft, gonna provide free mentoring for people on ET, marketer, blah, blah, blah...

    Why can't you just go away like you said you would here:

    Again, pathological liar:
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    I would never come on ET and point out that you are a blatant self-promoter who brags about his (supposed) track record, tries to sneak in advertising and build anticipation for his upcoming products and services. I just wouldn't say such a thing and anybody who does has a hell of a lot of audacity. Have they no shame? How DARE they! I also won't point out that you're sort of stealth vendor, no sir, I just won't do it. But, hey, that's the kind of guy I am. Amazingly amazing!
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    I actually like Paul a lot as a person, and I think he has good products. I tested the one he is going to be releasing and it worked, which is rare of these "bots".

    In terms of promoting TraderZones, no, I only work with people I like. I also charge more then 5%. I charge $15,000 to start, $15,000 upon delivery and then 10% of Net Before Return sales. My minimum expected profit to take on a client is $75,000.

    I've not yet gotten a single marketing client from ET, and I doubt I ever will.


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    What a guy! I'm glad you wouldn't do them there things.

  9. Actually,

    He did trade and his trades were posted in real-time for all to see in his chat room in the past but I don't know if he trades currently.

    He did have a website (I've visited it several times in the past) that use to mentor for a fee.

    His website of the past had also briefly offered managed trading accounts during the time when he was an ET sponsor.

    That's how I found out about his past trading when he was an ET sponsor several years ago.

    His website is no longer around and his ex-wife seems to have taken over things with her own site and blog.

    He's had a several blogs that lasted no more than a few months each and others not a single blog post which is kind'uv odd.

    He currently has a marketing website that's actually a blog which seems the be the route many ecommerce sites are going these days via blending website and blog together.

    However, I do remember him offering ET members free mentoring during a period when he was undergoing chemotherapy for cancer...

    Note: Some of the links he posted at the above thread now re-directs to his marketing business or he mentions the site of he ex-wife vendor website/blog/chatroom.

    Simply, he has not lied about any of the above. :cool:

    Yet, it's obvious that he's still marketing here at ET especially at a website visited by spammers that obviously need help in marketing their services (if they didn't need help they wouldn't resort to spamming).

    However, it's also obvious that ET is low on his list of things to do considering he's marketing elsewhere (just use google to find out where he spends his time at) that has a much bigger audience and higher search engine ranking association in comparison to the ranking of

    Heck, that's a free tip to anybody looking to better market their service or get more people interested in your product...

    Discuss your services at social networking sites or websites that has a high search engine ranking.

    Simply, once brandon sees the power of those social networking sites...

    He'll probably forget about or use it to only give TZ a headache. :cool:

  10. Brandon,

    I'm being sarcastic about your marketing considering it's really no big deal in comparison to the spammers that TZ typically goes after and you haven't asked any ET members to cough up a penny to learn any trading stuff.

    On a serious (not sarcastic) note, I notice you're spending more time elsewhere from ET building your marketing business.

    Good choice considering most trader forums aren't keeping up with where a ton of traders have moved too.

    In fact, I find more useful trading tips being freely discussed at other social networking sites in comparison to disucssion forums like

    Could be a change in the wind that I first begin noticing early last year when I saw some old familiar faces of valued ET members of the past showing up elsewhere posting great stuff freely about trading while never mentioning anything about

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