For Tomorrow --- Pause or No Pause?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by MacroEvent, Sep 19, 2005.

  1. I say no pause and added inflation fear language.

    up .25 tomorrow

    Tomorrow --- Hurricane, High Oil, and Fed Announcement --- looks like a parlet bet to me! :D
  2. only a slam duck (short term) if there are enough people 'hoping' or 'expecting' for the fed to pause

    what do you think?
  3. i think there is a lot of traders "hoping" for a pause, and trading with hope is not profitable ---- HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    The fed is suppose to be transparent and all the recent fed members speak aligns with continued hikes --- but the fed has surprised traders before. :)
  4. Greenie wants to go out a hero...

    figure it out....

    not hard

  5. in his mind or ours --- that is the question! :)
  6. NO PAUSE.
  7. TGregg


    Go here to see the latest MS report. With the exception of the latest M1 (which might be wrong, being prelim), the Ms have been growing.

  8. landboy


    I think I've been right 10 times in a row now, and although it's close this time, i'm parlaying all of it into a raise. Look at the futures and it's a 90% odds according to what traders expect.

  9. I agree... and having said that, if they do pause, the markets will fly.
  10. They can't pause....rising inflation has got them between a rock and hard place.

    We're not even at equillibrium yet. Real rates are still negative.
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