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    I love it....I am putting one on order right now! LOL.
  2. Only 5 grand. What a deal.
  3. I wonder if they'll go public one day...I should definetely find a way to get their IPO if they do :)
  4. Embarrassing
  5. This may seem like a joke to you guys, but these car turntables have a common, legit use in crowded big cities like Chicago.

    They are often installed in big apartment/ condo complexes here, where people frequently drive up , and there isn't enough space to turn around.
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    Maybe I'm misinterpreting, but doesn't this mean parking spaces need to be at least twice as wide? And what happens when someone else parks on the edge of your turntable? You ain't going anywhere, is what.
  7. As stated on the website, "the CarTurn rotates your car or truck up to 360 degrees." No good... I need more than that...
  8. The turntable isn't placed in parking spaces at all, but right at the entrance to the indoor garage.
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    It's possible to override the gyration governor and achieve rotations of 3600 degrees and higher. The only downside is centrifugal force. More rotations = higher revolutions. One guy frisbeed his SUV 3 blocks
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