for those who complain about the trade war

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  1. dozu888


    just because it caused some draw down in your pathetic portfolio..

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  3. maxinger


    Traders don't complain about trade war. We love trade war.
    It provides trading opportunities.
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  4. dozu888


    TLDW lol. Who has attention span that long :)

    Dude think this way. Obama didn’t fail nothing? Because he did nothing.

    Take the red pill for a moment and read the long list of achievements of this president.

    I’d pay the attention span to something if you are somewhat neutral about trump. Acknowledge the achievements and point out the flaws. That’s only fair right?

    The never trumpets always come like here is a criminal (although never convicted of anything) mentally unstable and nothing but fails for 3 years. Come on. That kind of angle only proves one thing. The depth of brainwashing by the fake media.
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  5. Kissinger was wrong about china.
  6. tomorton


    I place bets on the Dow index value, long only. Trump became President nearly 3 years ago now. Since then the Dow is up 40%. In the 3 years prior to that it was up 30%. Also in the 3 years prior to that, about 30%.

    There have been multiple opportunities to buy in at a discount since Jan 2017, in fact its been a slightly wild ride at times. But if the declared sole duty of the president was to generate a fantastic trading opportunity for me personally, he could hardly have done a better job.
  7. dozu888


    draining the swamp means disruption... people been asking for change in Washington, for a non career politician.. finally there is one and half the people get brain washed by the left fake media 24/7 98% negative coverage... and you can see the effect in many places on ET or elsewhere..

    but it's ok.. it would be naive to think that the swamp creatures will just go away quietly.

    and in a broader sense, related to this topic about the trade war, disrupting China takes guts and super strong political will that only Trump can muster.

    by the way, you need to count from the election day, not inauguration... clearly the rise in Nov/Dec of 2016 was not the market celebrating Obama.... so 56% to be exact...(and by the way, only 20% for Obama, counting 3 years backwards from the Nov 2016 election day).

    the easy money floats all boats... but Obama's policies were head winds, while trumps tax cuts and deregulation were tail winds... and this 56% vs. 20% also in the environment that Obama paid about 0% interest, while Trump was paying a lot more.
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  8. tomorton


    Great post dozu. Good point about Election v's Inauguration - we don't have that gap so I had missed the relevance.

    But come on now, draining the swamp's a great hook, but surely YOU don't believe that do you?
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  9. carrer


    Look at how the swamps at FBI, CIA, DOJ, UN, and so on came out during Trumps presidency.
    They didn't do so during other presidents. Why? because they belong to the same group.
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  10. dozu888


    it's just a general term for disrupting the corrupt establishment in Washington... and carrer hit the nail right there.

    and both sides are equally guilty... I am not using the swamp to only referring to the Dems, as the GOP is just as innocent as the Halliburton no bid contracts... it just happens that after 8 years of Obama the left is more swampy when Trump took over.

    there has been so many attacks on Trumps character, because his political enemies can't argue with success of his in biz, entertainment and politics... and the rank n file on the left just get brain washed because they don't have brains to think for themselves.... we did not elect Mother Theresa to run the country... as a matter of fact Mother Theresa would make a terrible president without the savvy to negotiate with tough opponents like China.

    but regarding market volatility - the tweets are necessary because the media is all against him with very few exceptions..

    and I'd attribute the volatility to my pro boys more than to Trump. What started the Oct '18 shake anyway... I don't remember now... some fake inflation rumor? nothing to do with the trade war... then in May and August we had some after shocks but the magnitude was getting smaller..

    if you read my thread 'trading is easy', this observation would fit, because essentially the volatility was mainly not due to Trump, but due to the existence of excess in late 2018... and you can see the October, May, August shakes, forming an ascending triangle.... usually I don't like to use chart pattern lingo like 'triangle' because when isolated triangles or anything else means nothing... but in this instance, over a long time frame (the entire shake lasted 10-12 months), now if you look at the retail (aka dumb money) sentiment, they are back to the pessimism level around late 2017 early 2018, so we have a few months of smooth sailing ahead because of this 10-12 months shake the dumb money are out of chips.

    And lastly, regardless if you are a short term volatility surfer, or a long term investor, you'd have made a bundle since the Nov 2016 election right, if you are only half decent?

    yet there are so many never Trumpers just bitch and moan all day... what does that tell you? these people didn't make squat in the last 3 years... they are just terrible traders/investors... didn't make shit in the best environment in recent history... so they just keep complaining..

    and also because their ego getting in the way they refuse to jump on the Trump train, because the next 5 years will be continued MAGA with SP reaching fair value of 5000-6000 (see my other posts on why)... once in a life time chance to get set for good... but still, plenty of people rather be miserable for 5 more years... what can you do.

    I am going out for a ride... should be good for 200 miles today with the weather.. later.
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