For those who betted against America (censored)

Discussion in 'Politics' started by james_bond_3rd, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. These are America's real enemies.
  2. We all know that the Moderator doesn't like Obama. But why would he feel uncomfortable with exposing America haters? Why would he delete my thread?
  3. Your list pretty much sums up a group of people whose logic is so irrational and twisted due to their politically blind bias that they would get totally crushed by the local high school debate team.
  4. Bush would have killed all 4 pirates
  5. You're right. Bush wouldn't give the 4th guy any chance in the court of law.
  6. Bush was totally incompetent.

    He couldn't find Osama bin Laden, and he couldn't pull the "trigger" early last year when it came to allowing the Israelis to fly over Iraqi airspace and take out Iran's main nuclear reactor in Natanz.

    Iran's nuclear program has advanced TREMENDOUSLY while Bush was in office. If you can't see that, you must be totally BLIND.

    Bush was all "talk" and no action.
    He was a PUSSY.
  7. Because you are a belligerent jack ass, not to mention world class hypocrite. If the posts who raised concerns on how Obama would handle the pirate crisis are America's enemies, then certainly every dissident to any of George Bush's foreign policies would be "America's enemies" as well. I've read enough of your crap posts in the past to see that you according to your own definition, you are one of America's enemies, and from your last censored post - a fool as well. You owe the moderator a thank you for deleting your last thread, though unfortunately for you, many have already read it.
  8. F-u's to America haters in the P and R forums anymore?

    Not a good idea.
  9. Are you just making things up? Point to one post of mine in the past that I wished Bush to fail.

    Those guys couldn't contain themselves in anticipation that Obama would fail. What kind of "concern" is "Right after he prays to Allah with them"? You certainly have exposed yourself as a fool.