For those who are lazy and cannot think

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  1. Yes, this is a new thread for those who are too lazy to put in any time to do research and think for themselves.

    And to start this thread off, I give you a stock pick to consider.

    Reason: Flag pattern
    Bias: Up
    Near term target: $23.80 measured move
    Risk: Low, tight stop $21.76
    Currently trading: $22.23

    Intermediate term target: $26 by Summer's end

    For those who would rather trade ETF and reduce risk exposure by diversification:

    Semiconductor Holder (SMH)
    Intermediate term target: $35 by
    Summers end

    That's right. You read it here.
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    Just buy USD or SMH.
  3. Man some people can't even read on this forum!
  4. Lucrum


    And some of us - just aren't going to.
  5. Lets take monitor the progress of a swing trader's calls shall we? Since the original day of this post:

    Intel is trading $22.80, up 2.6% off my call in a matter of a week. SMH is trading $28.80, up +2.9% off my call again in a matter of a week.

    So you tell me, who is the smarter trader. The overactive paranoid trader who sits in front of a computer screen watching tick by tick daytrading in and out all day thinking that is "work" and giving up significant capital in commissions and slippage, or the swing trader who is patient and picks the sweet spots with a measured amount of risk in ONE TRADE.

    Just food for thought.
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    Hater? Who said anything about hate?
  7. ETF - you post some specific calls on this forum. I thank you for that.

    But if the threads go the way of flame wars, I'm putting them in chit chat.

    Just letting you know. And that goes with everyone else's threads.
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    I've not done too much trading at all this year because of my of health and just not liking the market too much, but on June 20th I paid an average of $25.10 for 12,000 shares of AFAM. This represented a position of 30% of my personal account. Its been by far the most productive trade of the year for me, I just got out of it yesterday at an average of $37.30. I was screaming all over the place for people to buy this one, that it was the best setup in the best company I had seen all year. I wrote about it here, gave it repeatedly in Toni Hansen's chatroom, on my blog, on my moneypagesblog, I think on seekingalpha and to anyone who just wanted to a pick.
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    the articles and calls in Toni's room occured BEFORE I bought the stocks.
  10. And your point is? To hijack my thread with a promotion of Toni Hanson's services?

    Ivano, nuke his last two posts please.
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