For those that think this market is going to continue.....

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  1. The Canadian index (especially the banks) have shown a strong divergence lately. Moreover there will not be another round of QE.

    Housing has begain to slip there and it's not going to take much for some of those banks to get creamed.
  2. there is secret EU meeting tonight. 300 billion injection.

    China starting QE Monday. 2 trillion...

    S. America will inject 200 billion into USA next month.

    Crisis in Germany will send capital here in 2 months...

    Are you sure you know ALL the necessary information???

    in trading....those that think they know....lose.

    those that know they know.....OWN!!!!

  3. get real kid. Go back to your video games and drugs
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    Canada is too heavily tied to commodities and hence the divergence. Commodities have done poorly over the last 2 years and have led Canada down.

    I think that signals another round of deflation ahead (or threat thereof)
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    True or rumors?
  6. He's full of shit. And an idiot .
  7. This post is not very accurate. The index is down compared to the US because of the resource sector sell off that occurred gradually over a long period of time. Canadian banks are all close to historical highs again. The index is also down relatively speaking because the Canadian markets outperformed US markets for something like 7 or 8 years ( through 2011 ), and things have to even out eventually.

    The chance that Canadian housing and banks are going to get creamed is almost zero. Huge immigrant demand to buy in Canada remains.

  8. Canadian banks have taken a huge hit the past few days while the XLF was rammed to new highs. Do you and I have a different definition of divergence?

    Almost zero huh? I remember that talk in 1999 and 2008. To say it's early, that's one thing, but to say there is a zero chance of a meltdown is just plain ignorant.
  9. CM:XLF bring it up.

    What's that look like to you?

    This is regarding the housing market.

    So you're right. I guess i'm just full of it.

    NOTE: Mark this post. Heavily short CM and BMO btw. Taking this to the bank while you pass the football in your lazyboy.

    Market continues to new highs and those 2 banks aren't even in the same zip code.
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