For those scared of Democrats taking over

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  1. Here is a run down of Republican policies:

    1. Record deficit spending
    2. Record expansion of government bureaucracy
    3. Record expansion of government power (no fly lists, warrantless wiretapping, no habeas corpus)
    4. Nationalization of banks
    5. Outright banning of short sales

    Can Democrats (or anyone for that matter) be any worse?
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    Haven't the Democrats been the ones running the house and senate?

    Last time I checked the bills started in the house or senate then went to the white house for big dummy to sign.

    There is your answer!
  3. The bill was drafted by Paulson. Your excuse is just pathetic. Everything was set in motion back in 2001. You know why the approval rating of the congress is lower than Bush's? Because they don't stand up to Bush.

    Every time when they poll me about the congress, I tell them I disapprove.
  4. Records are made to be broken.

  5. With such gross lack of cognitive faculties, how on earth do you people function in normal society?

    What causes this defect?

    inbreeding? lack of oxygen? too much rancid fat in diet? hard metals in water?

    How does one get to be this stupid.

    This is a question that really needs to be answered. It must be some as yet unknown brain defect.
  6. You live in Australia. I'd worry about my own store......
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  8. And dont forget under 8 years of the last Democratic White house the dow rallied 7500 pts, or up almost 350%. Under 8 years of Bush we are currently down almost 2000pts.
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    Oh ok. Paulson drafted it, then it went to congress then to the senate, then back to the congress, then back to the senate, after they porked the shit out of it then it went to the big dummy.

    Pathetic excuse? Come on man at least make an attempt to learn the very basic process of government.
  10. Yes, Businessman, but you also have to factor inflation into it as well. If you adjust the fact that shares were worth more under Clinton due to inflation, Bush and the Republicans did even worse.

    Scary, isn't it?
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