For those people that left IB - where did you go next?

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    I see plenty of posts of traders who left IB. Where did you end up?

    How does the new broker fare? compared to IB, were there any issues (e.g. speed of execution, perceived security of your funds, commissions, etc.).

    Please try to limit your answers to the bigger and more established broker that you could deposit 100k+ and sleep well at night.

  2. I am curious. You say you've seen plenty of posts of traders who've left IB. Now, personally I think that's great as I've given more than a couple the message to Foxtrot Off and find a new broker.

    But I don't think they went (damn them). Most critics either stayed and got over it or were never IB customers for more than a day or two anyway. There were more than a couple who pretended to be IB customers for the fun of the fight. So who would you say had been a legit IB customer and then left?
  3. I am customer at IB since 10 years now and since then only thing happend where some system outages that in total maybe summed up to 2 hours. I have also had other accounts (for safety reasons) but much more problems there.
    I think its like a marriage. You try something new and need some time to find out that the old broker (wife) was not so bad at all compared to the new one.
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    Well said!

    IB has it's issues, so have others. IB has been my main broker for 5 years and I don't see any reason why that would change.
    I do recommend to use a second broker, you don't want to have all eggs in the same basket and be able to hedge positions when you have to (never happened to me though).
    For futures I use a back up broker/platform, Onyx from RCG.

    gr pbb
  5. I'd be interested if somebody found a more solid API than IB's.. people find problems and it takes too long for IB's customer noservice and programming department to get things right. At the very least I would like to have a backup broker with an API that I could switch to in case IB does something truly messed up and I need to just go away until they get it right..
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    I moved from IB to tradestation. Tradestation has its faults as well for sure, but at least I can look at great charts.
  7. I moved from IB to Infinity Brokers. Speed, execution, and DIRECT access to your assigned broker are excellent.

    Go for Infinity Futures if...if you trade Futures...if equities then TradeStation.
  8. For the last time, no one uses their charts. Try quotetracker, it is free with IB.
  9. If a broker does not have high quality charts it is not a good one. For example, OptionsXpress charts blow big one and I think of them accordingly.
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    I was trying to look at Infinity's net capital on the CFTC - don't see them listed. Do they have another name or are they not regulated by FNRA/CFTC?
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