for those of you with teenage daughters

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  1. harummpphh..

    Article written (and book) by a woman, quoting "moms" regarding their daughters. Guess what? Mothers hate their daughters, deep down, for plenty of selfish and personal hang ups of their own.

    Who do you suppose is the first person to call that young girl a bitch whore prostitute or hoochie mama. You got it, the mother. Who's the first person to comment on the daughters personal appearance, the mother and not in a polite way. Always derogatory.

    My guess on the above thoughts 90/10.

    ps, Oh yeah, I forgot. Mothers spend the first 8 or so years complimenting their daughters on their physical characteristics, such as, beatiful hair, complexion, eyes, etc. Guess what? Fake baloney, as we all know but small children don't , is that there isn't much you can do about physical make up of a person. How about a compliment or two on "real" stuff their daughter is made of. Not going to happen in a big way.

    Then through adolesence, that's when the mothers come in for the kill.
  2. Ho's raising Ho's
  3. Total bullshit...written by an American daughter or mother...more likely daughter.

    The American girl/teenager is subjected to the most superficial world one can imagine;especially, entitlement.

    I would be in jail if I had married an American girl...for life!!!

    Most American mothers want to live their lives again through their daughters, whether because of simple physical attributes, friends attained that they did not have, or sexual freedom.

    But the one thing that the American mother will not come to grips with related to their teenage daughter....TRUST.

    They cannot, because they generally felt repressed themselves and they cannot shake it they take it out on their daughters for which they realise they have little control over.

    BTW...have an American born daughter and we live in USA and I can tell you, honestly, that she did not go through the bullshit depicted in the article, and furthermore, we TRUSTED her and her friends through those teenage years.

  4. The writer was probably a big time groupie of the 80's hair band era and her mouth was on tour for years... something like this :eek:
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    Very good article. Thanks for sharing.
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    Funny how Jennifer Moses makes this article 80% about herself and her generation's issues and - for cover-up - asks the question about her daughter's dress-up preference at the beginning and the end. Absolutely no link between the two, and not the slightest hint of deliberation about the daughter issue. Her other works mentioned at the end portray just the same egotism.

    Very random article. No fans.