For those of you who use Metastock Pro or Forex version

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  1. Do the charts in that program reflect sydney open on Sunday(technically it is monday for them but sunday for EST) or do they skip it and begin at 5pm EST on Sunday with New York open?

    This is crucial for me.
  2. Time is relative to your local time setting. So in your question, the latter is correct.
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    Or, you can change the time in your computer to Sidney time and the charts will look just like you are in Sidney.
  4. I don't think you people understood what I was saying. Right now I am pondering switching to Metastock Forex or Pro. The charts I use now are FXTREK free charts(comstock feed). Sunday at 2pm EST they "turn on" while my broker's (GFT) charts ignore time period from 2pm to 5pm EST on Sunday altogether. It is as if there were no trading during that time as far as GFT is concerned. This distorts the charts for me big time. I need metastock to be like FXTREK in this regard instead of GFT
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    Get Amibroker. You can filter forex to inlcude weekends and 24 hours a day. I am not sure about Metastock but I have tried both and Amibroker is better imo.
  6. I will check it out great thanks.
  7. IShopAtPublix, i use 2 free, realtime feeds from Alpari Moscow into the
    basic MetaStock Pro v 8 - MS, MetaQuotes - and MetaTrader 3 - MT3
    both MQ and MT3 list 11 fx pairs - the majors; MQ is a direct feed but MT3
    requires a utility to convert the price data from MT3 to MS, i use -
    'To Metastock' :
    there's also a manual updating method via an MT4 indicator but requires
    using The Downloader and Convert, however one has access to most if not
    all fx pairs and etc from some fx brokers, i use it to collect data to view in
    Advanced GET and there's versions for other charting programs
    LicaSoft lists 'To MetaStock 6' which collects data from MT4, haven't tried
    it and not sure if it's also realtime:

    Alpari Moscow's hours are Sunday 3pm PST to Friday 2pm PST
    fx brokers set their their own start/end times, holiday closings, and may
    have different Spring/Fall time changes to the US

    if you - or anyone else - want a copy of MQ, MT3 or the MT4 indicator pm
    with your email address
  8. Good stuff people. This has turned into a productive thread. Thanks to everyone.