For those of you thinking of scalping or Trading the News

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  1. This practice does not work in retail Forex.

    Temporal imbalances using e-sig...

    Trading the News...


    If you want to trade the news why don't you use Futures?

    Retail spot cannot lay off your trade in a fast moving market...they most likely use futures themselves to lay off your trades with and quote you their brand of THEIR market...ok?...
  2. Any Comments?
  3. Is it just me or is this the 2nd post iv seen from you about trading news events this weekend? :D I doubt anyone will reply to this saying they are doing this. the less people doing this. the better for the ones who are.
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    I guarantee the ET community, regardless of trading method DOES NOT HAVE ANY INFLUENCE what-so-ever in ANY trading arena, including forex.
  5. I dont see any logic behind this statement. If the bid size on a specific future is 20. and I sell 1 contract at that price. The bid size should be reduced to 19. how is this not 'HAVING ANY INFLUENCE WHAT-SO-EVER'? I dont understand why so many on ET are naive about market influence? You'd be surprised how quickly liquidity at price levels gets eaten up when the market is moving, retail traders can definitely have an effect.

    Looking at the filled orders coming off bloomberg around market news. Another person placing the same order as me at the same time as me can absolutely have an effect on my order.
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    walterjennings, you are quite full of yourself, aren't you?

    Your sell just generated an additional 25 on the bid (by a non-ETer), so the bid is now 44. Insinuating your trades, or the trades of ET et al have influence over the market is naive. OUR REALITY (yours, mine, and every other trader in the world) IS NOT THE MARKETS REALITY. If it were, you, me, whomever, would be the wealthiest, monetarily speaking, in the universe. Gates, Buffet, etc would be charity cases!
  7. why would 25 new trades be placed against the direction that the market is moving? on market news the market swings one direction strictly because there are no new orders coming in the other direction.

    understanding that my orders add or remove liquidity from the market has nothing to do with 'being full of myself'. its simply understanding the basics of trading.

    to make this a bit easier for you to understand. say the bid size is only 3. and i place an order for 20 contracts at market price. as a member of ET, my single order will move the bid price at least one level. if not more depending on the market depth. oh noes!

    seriously its pathetic to try and make an argument that someone's order has no effect because when they place orders, someone comes over the top and places 25 times the opposite order of mine. there is absolutely no basis for that comment. I am not saying its impossible for that 25X order to happen. im saying its completely possible that it doesn't happen, and whenever it doesn't, my trade will have an effect on the market. period.
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    Institutions, hedgies, props, and 9digit pros, are capable of eating and reversing retail trading, at any time.

    Hats off to you and your personal market moving trades. :p
  9. effecting the market (ie. eating liquidity) does not imply changing market trends or making significant market movements like large firms.

    thanks for your wonderful insights. but if you had any understanding of my original post which was actually on topic with this thread. the more people trading market news => the less liquidity (in the direction you want to trade) => the less profitability. thanks for coming out.
  10. You can't scalp as a retail forex trader because of the spread, plain and simple. Trading the news if another thing. I believe is one had a good currenex feed it would be possible. But I am happier in currency futures, much safer and consistent. Spot forex only appears to work, from my limited viewing, for swing or postion trades.
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