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    Interesting, I agree. Thanks for the link! Sounds like the odumba admin would want to post those results up ASAP if they were actually good results... The fact they want to wait for Q1 earnings to pass...:eek:

    I particularly don't like the sound of this, "The Treasury is still talking about how results of the regulatory stress tests on the 19 largest U.S. banks will be released, and may disclose them as summary results that are not institution-specific, the source said."
    SUMMARY RESULTS????? What?!?! Is this North Korea where we get fed bits of information, and treated like a mushroom?

    "The source, speaking anonymously because the Treasury has not made a final decision on what to disclose, said officials do not want any test results released before the earnings season wraps up for most U.S. banks on April 24."

    Wouldn't odumba want to let his troll at the treasury get GOOD information out about the financials RIGHT NOW so the market runs up, and people forget that odumba bowed at the waist to his superior, the Saudi Prince recently, and gave gifts that I would venture to call tacky being a word that doesn't do the word tacky justice. LOL!!! Hmmmmm. Sounds like the news isn't going to be pretty.

    Thanks for the post EMERGLOBAL
  2. Aren't the stress tests just going to be used as a way to kill some banks so that the most corrupt ones can take them over like GS and JPM?

    Stress tests used to consolidate the industry in the way they want.
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    The time to sell will be when guys like you say buy. post that article and SP's gap up 26 points on the open.

    You have been bearish for over 100 points up in the SP. At what point do you say 'I am wrong".

    Nice work.
  4. Thank you for the post, EMRGLOBAL. Intersting
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    What are the odds of stress testing killing banks when MTM rules were lifted off in the first place? The change in MTM was no coincidence and yet people act as if this was a total surprise or shock.

    In addition, after you take some huge writedowns and MTM is removed, what are the odds that the asset side of the balance sheet gets a boost?

    It should be no surprise that the banks will pass the stress test. But rest assured that as soon as the equity side gets a boost these banks will come out and raise capital by selling common.

    In the meantime, enjoy the ride and squeeze da' shorts.
  6. All Short Seller,

    You can try to cheat yourself that saying long will get killed soon, market overbought and bla bla..

    Market bull and the trend is UP UP UP (regardless if it is been virtually pumped up is NO LONGER IMPORTANT).

    Honestly, what you have to do now is cut your loss.

    :D :D :D