For the Wallstreet haters.

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  1. part of my options profits for 2012 is putting lots of people to work. (Contractors/construction folks) Doing massive renovation to my home.

    So anyone who says otherwise, money from wallstreet is going into the local economy and put to use putting people to work.
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    Are you actually on Wall Street?
  3. you do know that options are a zero sum game?
  4. it's surprising how many people make money as traders since as an industry it is believed to be zero sum

    i know i'm one of those crazies that somehow manages to make money daytrading the zero sum futures market
  5. come on. you cant be that "dumb". in options if you are making money someone else is losing it.
  6. Doesn't that just mean you're on the "+" side of the sum? :)
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    Somebody is willing to pay for the privilege of having you assume some of their risk, and a lot more somebodies are on the wrong side of the market when you are not...
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    but that someone else is not nessesarily your counterparty...
  9. 98% of all the money in the world is used to try and make more money.
  10. It's -sum. Of course everyone on ET does 100% per year.
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