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Discussion in 'Politics' started by JamesL, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. JamesL


    There are dozens of conspiracy theories about President Obama – Born in Kenya. Is a citizen of Indonesia. Is Muslim. Is a communist. Is a witch. Is the Antichrist.

    But there is one conspiracy that is real and bigger than any of conspiracies previously published. The project actually started under the Bush Administration, but continues under, and is approved by, the Obama Administration. Its code name is FunVax. It stands for Fundamentalism Vaccine.

    FunVax is a Department of Defense project started in 2004. It’s purpose was to eliminate terrorism in the Middle East. The method – genetically manipulating religious fanatics causing them to give up their fundamentalist beliefs.

    How It Works -

    At the turn of the century, a gene called VMAT2 was discovered. This gene eventually became known as the God Gene. The God Gene predisposes people to have spiritual experiences. People that are fundamentalists have an over-expression of VMAT2. DoD scientists used this information to create a vaccine against religious fundamentalism. It was a viral vaccine that spreads via air and is designed to inhibit the expression of the VMAT2 gene causing people to become less religious. It took government scientists 5 years to perfect the vaccine but in 2009 they field tested it in Iraq. Then Iran. President Obama has authorizes the release of FunVax throughout every Muslim country. Its the reason why we’ve seen a democracy over power theocracy in places like Tunisia, Eygpt, and now Libya. But what’s going to stop him from releasing it in America?

    FunVax is successful, but it needs to STOP. The government is replacing freewill with programed thoughts. Please help by sharing this blog with Friends and Family, because the more people that know about FunVax, the better off we all are.

    I am really surprised our resident tin-hat(s) haven't picked up on this yet. :confused:
  2. Ricter


    Like monotheism before it, monoconspiracism will supplant them all.

    Three Conspiracies for the flat-Earthers, truthers and birthers under the sky,
    Seven for the moon-shot fakers, Kennedy shooters, etc. in their halls of stone,
    Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die, (but unsure which one to pick for now),
    One for the Vaccine Lord in his dark, contrailing jet,
    In the Land of Illuminati where the Politicians lie.
    One Conspiracy to rule them all, One Conspiracy to find them,
    One Conspiracy to bring them all and in delusion bind them,
    In the Land of Bilderberg where the Planners lie.
  3. W4rl0ck


    Neither Tunisia, Egypt or libya were theocracies.

    There goes your theory.

  4. Does this mean the Feds are behind Fauxnews and Obama continues to support it???