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  1. San Diego convenient for pedophiles:

    Jones, the San Diego police sergeant, said San Diego has increasingly become a jumping-off point to places like Thailand, the Philippines and Costa Rica.

    "If they drive across to Mexico and hook up with an international airline in Mexico, we have no way to know where they're going," he said. "The flights are not as scrutinized."
  2. Police Search For Pedophile Who Failed To Register

    POSTED: 9:07 am PDT March 13, 2009

    SAN DIEGO -- A convicted pedophile with a long criminal history was being sought Friday for failing to register as a sex offender after being released into the San Diego area two months ago, authorities said.

    Charles Thomas was released from prison and placed on parole in January, according to San Diego County Crime Stoppers. The agency is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to Thomas' arrest.

    "He essentially chose to get off the bus in San Diego and said this would be the area where he would be, then went to Horton Plaza and sent a fax pretty much right away, saying that he was no longer going to be supervised and a bunch of other ramblings," said U.S. Marshall Deputy Mike Allen.

    Thomas lived in the Chula Vista area in the late 1980s, Allen said. He was convicted in 1995 of sexual exploitation of children and was sentenced to 20 years in prison but served only about three-fourths of his sentence.

    His criminal history dates back to the early 1970s and includes convictions for drug possession, lewd acts with a child, oral copulation by force on a child under 14, molesting a child, rape and evading a peace officer in a stolen car.

    According to Allen, Thomas may be using one of several alias, including David J. Cohen, Mark D. McKinney and Steve Miller.

    Authorities described Thomas as white, around 5 feet 10 inches tall, weighing about 160 pounds, with blue eyes and gray hair.

    Anyone with information about his whereabouts was urged to call Crime Stoppers at 888-580-TIPS. Tipsters can choose to remain anonymous.
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    Since he lives in the San Diego area where there are a lot of Hispanic boys, can we call him a PEDROphile instead? :D
  4. Sound familiar?....

    The Sophist Troll. Sophist Trolls, or "philotrolls," fancy themselves Enlightened Philosophers or Learned Experts of the highest order. Often well educated, Philotrolls are capable of speaking intelligently on a number of topics, and when the spirit moves them they can be worthwhile forum participants. Unfortunately, Sophist Trolls are an extremely hostile and intolerant species.

    When confronted by opinions with which they do not agree – particularly when they do not see any means of successfully arguing their contrary views – Sophists resort (repeatedly) to a variety of intellectually dishonest tactics. Most often, this is characterized by an overly snide, condescending, patronizing attitude. Philotrolls consider anyone with whom they do not agree to be "immature," and are fond of quoting that old saw that "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing."

    When cornered they are quick to resort to personal attacks. A philotroll's bag of rhetorical tricks includes a variety of transparent ploys, such as willfully misinterpreting the opponent's words, committing Straw Man fallacies, accusing his or her opponents of engaging in the very tactics used by the philotroll, and so forth.

    When engaging in their sophistry, philotrolls are among the most hypocritical and aggravating of trollkind.

    The Contrarian Troll. A sophisticated breed, Contrarian Trolls frequent boards whose predominant opinions are contrary to their own. A forum dominated by those who support firearms and knife rights, for example, will invariably be visited by Contrarian Trolls espousing their beliefs in the benefits of gun control. It is important to distinguish between dissenters and actual Contrarian Trolls, however; the Contrarian is not categorized as a troll because of his or her dissenting opinions, but due to the manner in which he or she behaves:

    – Contrarian Warning Sign Number One: The most important indicator of a poster's Contrarian Troll status is his constant use of subtle and not-so-subtle insults, a technique intended to make people angry. Contrarians will resist the urge to be insulting at first, but as their post count increases, they become more and more abusive of those with whom they disagree. Most often they initiate the insults in the course of what has been a civil, if heated, debate to that point.

    – Contrarian Warning Sign Number Two: Constant references to the forum membership as monolithic. "You guys are all just [descriptor]." "You're a lynch mob." "You all just want to ridicule anyone who disagrees with you."

    – Contrarian Warning Sign Number Three: Intellectual dishonesty. This is only a mild indicator that is not limited to trolls, but Contrarians display it to a high degree. They will lie about things they've said, pull posts out of context in a manner that changes their meanings significantly, and generally ignore any points for which they have no ready answers.

    – Contrarian Warning Sign Number Four: Accusing the accusers. When confronted with their trolling, trolls immediately respond that it is the accusers who are trolls (see Natural Predators below). Often the Contrarian will single out his most vocal opponent and claim that while he can respect his other opponents, this one in particular is beneath his notice.

    – Contrarian Warning Sign Number Five: Attempts to condescend. Pursued by Troll Bashers (see Natural Predators below), the Contrarian will seek refuge in condescending remarks that repeatedly scorn his or her critics as beneath notice – all the while continuing to respond to them.

    – Contrarian Warning Sign Number Six: One distinctive mark of Contrarian Trolls is that every thread in which they dissent quickly devolves into a debate about who is trolling whom. In the course of such a debate the Contrarian will display many of the other Warning Signs mentioned above.
  5. hapaboy,

    I believe noting or criticising spelling/grammar errors are also indicative of Sophist Trolls.

  6. Yeah, it's one thing to point it out occasionally, but when it's consistent and in lieu of rational discourse or an answer to a question, you know you're dealing with such a troll.
  7. OPT777 is a pedophile? Now all of his posting makes sense. I can see why he is a Democrat now. First the gay marriage thing, then the pedophile marriage thing. What a pervert.