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  1. Seven members of NAMBLA, the North American Man Boy Love Association, were arrested in San Diego and Los Angeles after FBI agents allege each man paid hundreds of dollars for a trip to Mexico to have sex with boys.

    FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller says the men are accused of traveling to Southern California with the expectation of boarding a boat to Ensenada, Mexico, where they were told sex with the boys was awaiting them at a bed-and-breakfast. They requested that the boys be as young as 8-years-old.

    The FBI says the investigation is still ongoing and more arrests could be made.

    In light of this story, Rick Roberts is offering a $1000 bounty for information on members of NAMBLA. "If you know someone who is a member, give me their name, location, and credible information that they are members of NAMBLA, and I will give you $1000 out of my pocket," Rick Roberts said on his show today. “I’m not suggesting you take the law into your own hands. Just provide me with the information. I’ll deal with the NAMBLA members,” Roberts says.

    Rick has been a strong child advocate all of his talk radio career and says he just doesn't understand how an organization that actively recruits and supports adults having sex with children can exist. "These predators need to be exposed to the bright light of day. We're hoping that these vermin start to turn on each other to pick up a few extra dollars," says Roberts.

    Listeners to his show "The Court of Public Opinion" know that he is the only talk-show host in the nation to read "Rick's Top 6" a list of convicted child molesters released back into the community. Rick Roberts was also instrumental in starting "Amber's Alert" which is now used nationwide to find children taken by child molesters.

    If you have information you would like to share with Rick Roberts regarding a member of NAMBLA please e-mail him at or contact him during the show (6am to 10am) at 1 800 760 KFMB.
  2. The should be no other OPTIONAL i mean option other then the death penalty for those pieces .
  3. According to ZZZzzzzzzz, also known recently around here as OPTIONAL777, these men cannot be morally censured, since their 'cultural preference' for sex with small boys means that they should be able to have sex with young boys without being persecuted for it.
  4. Is there anyone here who seriously advocates sleeping with kids of any gender? That is awful.
  5. ZZZzzzzzzz (also known as OPTIONAL777) stated that if sex with an 11-year old child is a part of a religious mystic's 'culture' and the act is deemed legal by the elders of the church to which the mystic is attached, that it is morally acceptable.
  6. No it is not morally acceptable.

    Pedophilia is one of the worst of human expressions (only rivaled by Necrophilia/Zoophilia and incest.)
  7. Women should be concerned about these NAMBLA homos. In the ancient world, men had sex with women for procreation largely. They had sex with young boys for pleasure. Women were chattel.
  8. San Diego convenient for pedophiles:

    Jones, the San Diego police sergeant, said San Diego has increasingly become a jumping-off point to places like Thailand, the Philippines and Costa Rica.

    "If they drive across to Mexico and hook up with an international airline in Mexico, we have no way to know where they're going," he said. "The flights are not as scrutinized."
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