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  1. Cant wait to see Brady toss a few passes tonight, westbrook should be sweet too. Why are they starting this game at 11:00 eastern???

    3 more weeks:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

    Even though i love to hate the patriots it is fun watching them when they are marching it is surgical!!
  2. Yes! I cannot wait for football, but to hell with Brady :p I want to see Arizona have another good year. I think they will put together a 10 or 11 win season and maybe get lucky in the playoffs again.
  3. I agree in terms of Arizona i would love to see them do well again, Larry fitzgerald deserves it, he is one of those guys who is special, he can straight up turn a game, and after he did it vs. the steelers he got straight up robbed. You know just watching him he is doing everything in his power to win, he reminds me of michael jordan tiger woods, or wayne gretzky, you can tell watching him that he is just CRUSHED if he doesnt win. Remember watching him with his gloves in his mouth as he watched that touchdown at the end last year?? Not many athletes these days where you can absolutely see despair in their eyes when they dont win.... The bottom line is most have a pile of cash to sleep on if they dont win, very few have that special "IT" factor where they need to win more than anything.

    You are gonna laugh at me now but im a steeltown fan and have been for a while i got posts from before the first superbowl, loved to watch bettis and kordell back in the day, but i still just love watching good football!!!!!

    I cant believe the giants gave eli that contract.....

    dammit i need football!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wont lie i was cheering the patriots 19-0 season just to watch a part of history.....
  4. This is our year boys, so sit back and relax.

  5. Arnie


    Watching the Steelers handle the Browns is almost as good as seeing the Yankees sweep the Dead Sox. :D :D
  6. Browns fan i feel for ya, it must suck knowing you are facing atleast10 blowouts before the season begins:( dont get me wrong i dont want this to change any, just expressing sympathy, the ravens are tough enough without having to worry about the browns and bengals. I thought last year may actually be tough given the browns previous season, then both them and the bengals came in and did what they do best, which is lose football games:D just jokes not trying to stick it to ya, hopefully they start Brady quinn and try to develop something to build off of, i actually had to pick him up late last year cause Romo went down in Fantasy league, and he lit it up in his first game. I think the odds are pretty good on the steelers atleast sneaking into the playoffs.

    I know what your going through in hockey im a leafs fan..... 45 years..... in baseball im a Jays fan, it will never happen again when the yanks and redsox outspend them 3-1.

    On a side note if it aint the steelers this year id love to watch Chicago roll all over everyone with Cutler, Hester, and Forte. Only if Favre doesnt pull one over and return to the vikes, that would be awesome to watch, i love defensive football, The vikings front line are straight up pimps!
  7. I would love to laugh at thjat but im from canada and im a Blue jay fan, so it is a double edged sword:mad:
  9. I am really interested in knowing how the Eagles plan on using him.
  10. I heard on the radio this morning that they plan to use him as a second or third string - at least at the beginning of the season.
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