For the love of Khrysos, what happened to gold?

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  1. Some poster named metal told me to buy and thank him later. Oh, the Greeks were right about gold, it is the one possession that devours your mind.
  2. a game of musical chairs. the music stopped. funny how that always happens just after the public is convinced it is a no lose situation.
  3. The time to buy is when you see "cash for gold" ads. The time to sell is when "gold for cash ads" show up.
  4. I just hope it drops to $1000 so I can double my holdings.
  5. Always trade your own views. Trading on other people's opinions is a losing proposition.
  6. eh we'll see what happens. If patterns matter, the last 2 large retraces resulted in a 6-10 month consolidations to lead to new highs. So far we're $110 off the high (<10%) and has been a steady retrace. I can imagine the 1030 area will experience heavy resistance, i know i'm a long-term bull and will be playing this resistance area. The bullish sentimet has been pretty mild, no blow off tops or family/friends/cnbc buying gold. I've been telling everyone i know to buy some gold to hedge usd risk and i've been ignored, laughed at and misunderstood.

    Biggest driver right now is a nice healthy bounce in a dollar. Those who are bearish on the dollar should be acculmulating as much Gold as they can own without risking the farm.

  7. I do feel bad (and personally responsible) for anyone who went in long with me at $1146... It wasn't a good call.

    But there's a reason why people here are inclined to take my recommendations far more seriously than the random predictions of the average ET member- I'm usually right. A review of the archives here would make it pretty clear that blindly following anything I recommend <i>usually</i> does pay off nicely... just not this time.
    For the record I'm staying long gold, even though my most recent entry point kind of sucked.
  8. It's down 4% from it's all time highs in Euro's.

    The horror.:eek:
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